Women have breast hyperplasia, can’t drink soy milk?

Hyperplasia of the breast is extremely high for women and is a very common disease. Many female friends are worried that breast hyperplasia will become cancerous. In fact, most breast hyperplasia is a physiological hyperplasia, which is benign and does not require treatment, as long as it is actively adjusted, especially in the diet.

However, many women with hyperplasia of mammary glands are not clear about what they can and cannot eat. Just like people often say, “Women have breast hyperplasia and cannot drink soy milk.” Is this correct? Let me talk about this topic with female friends first.

Can women with breast hyperplasia drink soy milk?

Many people know that beans and legume products are also known as “phytoestrogens” because they are rich in isoflavones. And breast hyperplasia is mostly caused by endocrine disorders and excessive estrogen secretion. If so, women with breast hyperplasia should not drink soy milk.

In fact, this is a distortion of isoflavones. Isoflavones are called “phytoestrogens” because they are similar in structure and function to estrogen in the human body and can mimic estrogen and exert similar effects. And this substance plays a role of two-way regulation.

In other words, soy isoflavones can supplement estrogen in the human body when the estrogen level is low, and when estrogen is high, it can inhibit the secretion of estrogen. Therefore, women eating legumes and soy products, even if there is hyperplasia of the breast, is also beneficial, can balance the level of estrogen in the body and keep it within a reasonable range.

Therefore, “women with hyperplasia of mammary glands cannot drink soy milk”, this statement is wrong. Of course, everything is too much, and drinking too much milk is not good, just do it in moderation.

So women have breast hyperplasia, what food should they really not eat? I continue to introduce to you.

Women with breast hyperplasia should not eat these 5 things

1.Caffeine-rich foods

Foods rich in caffeine contain a large amount of xanthine, and high-purine foods can cause breast hyperplasia. For example, coffee, milk tea, and chocolate that women like to drink are all foods rich in caffeine. Women with hyperplasia of mammary glands should eat less even if they are hungry.

2.Health foods containing estrogen

Many women want their breasts to be straight and charming, so they will choose to eat some breast-enhancing foods. In fact, these foods contain a lot of estrogen. Women with hyperplasia of breasts often eat this kind of food, which is tantamount to worsening the disease. In addition, you should eat less royal jelly and propolis.

3.Spicy and exciting food

Many women prefer to eat spicy and spicy foods, such as spicy hot pot, hot sauce, and spicy sticks, which are all special preferences. However, these spicy foods will disturb the hormone secretion in the body, which is not conducive to the recovery of breast hyperplasia. Therefore, women with hyperplasia of mammary glands should also eat as little as possible.

4.Fried, high-fat, high-calorie foods

Most fried, high-fat, high-calorie foods are not easy to digest, and at the same time, it is easy to accumulate fat and cause fat, which is extremely detrimental to the recovery of breast hyperplasia. Therefore, women with hyperplasia of mammary glands are also unsuitable for consumption.

5, drinking

Alcohol is also very harmful to the human body. Drinking it in moderation is not a big deal, but women with hyperplasia of breasts should not touch it. Alcohol has a greater irritation and damage to the body and is not conducive to recovery.

What should a woman with hyperplasia take?


Women with hyperplasia of mammary glands can usually eat cabbage. Although cabbage is very common, the nutrients it contains can help break down excess estrogen in the body and thus relieve breast hyperplasia.


Kelp is very rich in iodine. This substance can promote the secretion of progesterone in women, thereby reducing estrogen levels and improving breast hyperplasia.

3.Rose tea

Rose tea has the effects of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, regulating menstrual pain, and relieving liver and stagnation. For women with mammary gland hyperplasia, drinking rose tea often can regulate mood and clear nodules, which is of great benefit to improving mammary gland hyperplasia.

4.Dandelion tea

Dandelion is known as the “herb queen”, which has a good effect on mastitis and hyperplasia, and it is also good for gynecological inflammation.

Women with hyperplasia of mammary glands, in addition to focusing on diet conditioning, should also have a regular life, to achieve a combination of work and rest, maintain a good husband and wife life, prevent constipation, control weight, avoid obesity, these can effectively alleviate breast hyperplasia. If abnormalities are found, seek medical treatment in time to achieve early detection, early treatment, early conditioning, and early recovery.