4 moves to make the skin no longer slack and the abdominal muscles more obvious

During our weight loss, we will definitely pay attention to whether the overall weight has dropped. I will also pay attention to the position of the abdomen separately, because in addition to reducing the overall weight, we also hope that the circumference of the waist and abdomen will also decrease. When the circumference of the waist and abdomen is lowered, it will be flatter and firmer. At this time, you will want to practice a well-defined abs. Because most people still think that the abdominal muscles are not carried out through special training, but that weight loss can be naturally manifested after reducing weight to a certain extent.

So, do you think so? For people who are not fat and have a relatively low body fat rate, even without fat reduction, the skin at the abdomen will be relatively tight, and it will be easier to show the contours of abdominal muscles. However, if it is not trained, it will only be the outline, and there will be no further improvement, because the shape of the abdominal muscles is also related to the thickness of the abdominal muscles.

And for those friends who are losing fat, even if you have successfully made the body fat rate lower, you have not performed abdominal training at the same time, and your abdominal muscles will not be easily displayed. It will be buried by slack skin, so it often appears that your waistline is already very thin, but there is still a small belly, and the abdominal muscles you expect have not appeared.

Although you have controlled your diet and have continued aerobic training, your body fat has dropped significantly. But you don’t do targeted abdominal training, so your abdominal muscles will not thicken. And when you lose fat, you may lose it slowly. At the same time, if you lose weight too fast, it may make your skin more relaxed. To alleviate this situation, we still need to carry out specific targeted training on the abdomen, so that the abdominal muscles can grow.

Now when it comes to the training of abdominal muscles, it is not necessary to go to the gym to use various equipment. It can be done at home and does not require instrumental assistance. As long as we can fully stimulate the muscles, we can achieve the purpose we want to exercise. This also requires us to be able to persist in doing the actions we introduce below, hoping to help you and achieve your purpose of abdominal training.

Action one: flat swivel

This movement evolved based on the flat support. Lie on the yoga mat in a prone manner, bend your hands, let the forearms support the body, stretch your legs straight together, use your toes to support the ground, and keep the rest of your body as stable as possible. Then, raise the left arm and straighten it upward, while turning your body to the left, then retract the arm and return to the previous position. Straighten the right arm again, turn to the right, and straighten to the upper right.

Action two: supine leg lift

This looks simple and relatively easy to do. First lie flat on a yoga mat with both legs straight arms and stick to the ground, feet close together, and then use the abdomen to force the legs straight up, while perpendicular to the ground, both Do not separate your feet, reach the apex, and then slowly lower after a pause.

Action 3: Lie on one leg with both ends up

This movement is based on the two ends, and the difference is that both ends are lifted together with both legs. Lie on the ground in the same posture as with both heads, with both legs and arms straight, with both hands straight above the head, then lift one leg, the leg can be slightly bent, and then touch with the opposite hand The foot surface, after slowly falling down, raise the other leg, and then touch the screen of the foot with the arm on the other side, the two legs alternate.

Action four: bend your knees while sitting and abdomen

This action uses a sitting position, sitting on top of a yoga mat, and then bending your legs together to leave the ground. With your hands around your knees from both sides, keep your back off the ground and only your hips touching the ground. Then stretch your hands straight to both sides, and keep your hands in a straight line, and at the same time kick your legs straight out. After staying, slowly return to the starting position.

The set of actions we have introduced can fully stimulate the abdomen. Of course, we have to follow the training sequence of reducing fat first and then training the abdomen. After the body fat rate has dropped, training these 4 moves can make the skin no longer relax and the abdominal muscles more obvious.