4 pairs of diet can prevent colds

Winter and spring are high seasons for colds. Recently, the Japanese beauty health network “Ranger” published a four-pair diet that the dietitian summarized to prevent colds.

Broccoli + shellfish. Broccoli is rich in vitamin C and carotene, has a strong antioxidant effect, with shellfish rich in high-quality protein and zinc, can enhance human immunity and prevent colds.

Ginger + spinach. Ginger and ginger ketone contained in ginger have a sweating and activating effect, which can improve the body cold phenomenon, and can be combined with carotene-rich spinach to enhance the prevention of colds.

Squid + tomato. The squid contains almost all kinds of B vitamins, and the tomato contains the antioxidant component lycopene. The combination of the two can activate the function of strengthening cells, improve immunity, and prevent cold virus invasion.

Rice + soybeans. The main ingredient of rice is carbohydrates, and its protein quality is not high, but it can be combined with lysine-rich soybeans to improve protein quality and enhance immunity.