5 kinds of flower teas that are most suitable for women

A wide variety of teas have their own effects. In hot weather, women can also enjoy the health benefits by drinking tea.

However, there are so many types of tea, and it is necessary to choose which kind of tea to choose. So what kind of tea does a woman drink best?

Rose Tea

● How to drink: When brewing rose tea, take 3-10 dried rosebuds from roses, put them into a cup, and simmer them in boiling water for about 10 minutes. Hot and cold drinks are good.

It can also be seasoned with lemon or honey.

● Efficacy: Rose is slightly warm, rich in vitamins, helps to improve dry skin and remove dark spots on the skin, so it is very suitable for drinking in hot weather.

● Taboo:

1, Patients with poor constitution should not take it. If you often feel tired, then it is best not to take roses.

2, Constipation patients should not take, roses have a certain convergence, antidiarrheal effect, will increase constipation.

3, although the rose has a very good cosmetic effect, but it should not be taken every day, otherwise it will easily disturb the blood and blood.

4, if the usual amount of menstrual flow is more, then it is best not to take the rose after the menstrual period.

Longan red jujube tea

● Drinking method: Take guilong, 3-5 grams each time, two red dates, and boil water for 3-5 minutes.

● Efficacy: It is very effective for office workers with high work pressure, easy insomnia or memory loss, because eating more longan meat can enhance memory and have a good effect in avoiding brain loss. In addition, this tea also has the effect of reducing weight and breast enhancement, soothing the nerves and enriching the brain.

● Taboo:

1, liver and kidney are not suitable for taking.

2, the warming effect of sputum is strong, people who are suffering from fever and body inflammation should not take it.

4, the cold people should not drink, otherwise there will be the disadvantages of slipping and diarrhea, those with internal heat are not used with caution.

3, physical health and deficiency, should not be taken. If you are evil and have no righteousness, you should not use the tonic medicine to prevent “closed doors.”

Honey black tea

● How to drink: Get up in the morning to drink a large glass of honey water on an empty stomach. After breakfast, until 9:00 pm, drink black tea, but do not add honey, drink 5-10 cups a day, eat normally, but insist on long-term drinking, this is The healthiest way to lose weight.

● Efficacy: It has the effect of moistening the stomach. Compared with the general laxative, honey plus black tea will not hurt the stomach, but will play a protective role, but also remove the oil in the intestines. Have the effect of losing weight.

● Taboo: Honey black tea has a good health care function, but don’t drink too much. Secondly, drinking black tea on an empty stomach is not good for the body. Drinking black tea immediately after a meal is also bad for digestion and increases the burden on the stomach. If the black tea is too cold, it is easy. Injury to the spleen and stomach.

Osmanthus Tea

● Drinking method: The amount of osmanthus can not be too much. The water temperature is generally around 85 degrees. Pour a little water first, let the flowers and tea fully moisturize, and finally fill the glass with water, soak 2 Drink in 3 minutes.

● Efficacy: A kind of flower tea suitable for hot weather. Osmanthus fragrans is also known as Jiulixiang. It belongs to Xinwen and has a fresh and charming fragrance. Osmanthus tea not only has the effect of relieving dry mouth, laxative, and relieving flatulence and discomfort. It also has a good whitening skin and removes the beauty function of toxins from the body.

● Taboo: People with stomach cramps, burning pain, dry mouth, hunger but don’t want to eat, urinary yellow, sticky stools and other symptoms of spleen and stomach are not suitable for drinking.

Honeysuckle tea

● How to drink: Take 3-5 grams each time, brew for 3-5 minutes in boiling water, and taste slightly bitter. Drink with rock sugar or honey.

● Efficacy: It can clear away heat and detoxify, prevent and inhibit the growth of acne and acne; activate the enzymes of cells, promote the metabolism of cells, and help to lighten various spots and dark spots. Honeysuckle also fully replenishes moisture and reduces the appearance of various wrinkles.

● Taboo:

1, Honeysuckle soaked in water is similar to brewing tea. It can be brewed two or three times, and it should not be consumed after overnight.

2, need to pay attention to is that honeysuckle should not be cold drinks, cold drinks can easily lead to diarrhea.

3, I feel that I have to get angry before drinking, it is better, drinking too much will be counterproductive. Note that when you drink, choose 10 grams of honeysuckle, drink in boiling water. But it is best not to drink every day.

4, honeysuckle is suitable for physical fitness or physical heat, and people with spleen and stomach deficiency (such as frequent abdominal pain, diarrhea, cold abdomen, cold hands and feet) should not drink with honeysuckle.

5, honeysuckle medicinal cold, not suitable for long-term drinking, only suitable for temporary drinking in the hot summer to prevent dysentery. In particular, it is necessary to remind that the cold constitution and the menstrual period can not be used, otherwise, adverse reactions may occur.