5 kinds of fruits are heated to eat more nutritious

Do you think that eating fruit is too simple? In fact, in addition to eating directly, fruits can be heated and grilled. Does it feel a little unbelievable? Here, it is better to learn two tricks to see how the fruit is heated and grilled.

5 kinds of fruits can be heated to eat

Grapefruit: It is not grapefruit, but grapefruit. The grapefruit skin contains flavonoids such as naringin and rutin. It has anti-oxidation effect, can reduce the viscosity of blood, lose weight and lose weight. It will be more active when it enters the body after heating, and exerts its maximum effect. Cut the soft white part of the pomelo peel into thin slices, boil it in warm water for 10 minutes, then brew it with honey, and its nutrients will start to function in the body.

Apple: The pectin contained has a good detoxification effect. It can work together with dietary fiber to clean the intestines. The heated pectin will become more stable, and it will also contain the “absorption of bacteria and toxins in the intestines”. efficacy. Studies have found that the content of polyphenols’ natural antioxidants contained in apples after heating is greatly increased. Polyphenols not only lower blood sugar, blood lipids, inhibit free radicals, but also resist oxidation, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal, and also inhibit plasma cholesterol and eliminate free radicals in the body. The apples that have been in the house for a long time are now mostly unpalatable. They can be cooked and eaten. Apple vitamin C content is very low, cooked is not a pity. The beneficial components such as potassium, pectin, chlorogenic acid and flavonoids can still be retained after heating. After adding boiled water, the taste will become sour. Add less water and add some dates to sweeten it. The apples are steamed and eaten, grilled and eaten well, or the chopped grains are mixed in the pancakes and taste good.

Pear: Pear can moisturize the lungs and cough, but the pear is cold, and eating pears when it is cold will be more cold. But if you cook the pears, the situation is completely different. The cooked pears are removed from the cold, the pear skin becomes slightly bitter, and the effect of drying the lungs is completely released. The lignin in pear seeds is originally an insoluble fiber, but it is dissolved in the intestines after heating, and harmful cholesterol is excreted from the body. “Snow Candy Sydney” is the most common way to cook in Sydney. The method is simple. Cut the pears into nucleus and cook them together with the appropriate amount of cold boiled water and rock sugar. Cook for half an hour. Pear can moisturize the lungs, clear the heat and remove phlegm. It is best to eat rock sugar and Sydney in winter to nourish Yin and moisten the lungs. Patients with chronic bronchitis and chronic pharyngitis can also eat some sugar candy Sydney for diet therapy.

Small tomato: After heating the small tomato, the content of lycopene will increase rapidly, thereby increasing the nutritional value of the tomato and enhancing its overall antioxidant capacity. As long as it is heated for two minutes (boiling or microwave), the lycopene and antioxidant levels can be increased by 54% and 28%, respectively.

Orange: The orange peel contains narcotic and orange peel oils that are effective in relieving cough and phlegm. These two ingredients will only come out of the orange peel after cooking. Especially suitable for children who have not coughed for a long time. The steaming method is: wash the oranges without peeling, cut a knife at the top of the oranges, sprinkle a little salt on the exposed pulp, and poke a few holes in the flesh with chopsticks, let the salt penetrate into the flesh, and then cut The orange is re-covered, fixed with a toothpick, placed in a bowl, without adding water to the bowl, directly on the steamer, and then steamed for 15 minutes. Only eat the flesh and the juice at the bottom of the bowl, do not eat the skin.