5 kinds of fruits, teeth are most afraid

One, pineapple

Xiaobian winter, the favorite fruit is pineapple, sweet and sour, very delicious. Many people find that they buy pineapples, take them home and peel them, and they will taste more sour, while the peeled pineapples are so sweet and sour. Why? In fact, the pineapple we bought is just soaked and eaten directly. It feels sour and the teeth are also hurt. The oxalic acid in the pineapple will affect the absorption of calcium and iron. The pineapple contains scorpion, bromelain and serotonin, which are irritating to the skin and oral mucosa. The pineapple cut by the merchant, because it was soaked in salt water, was very sweet to eat. Because the pineapple is placed in the salt water, it can weaken the acidity of the pineapple, make the pineapple sweet and sour, and taste good.

Second, oranges

The oranges in autumn and winter are also very popular among consumers. The price of oranges is slightly more expensive than the price of oranges. However, it is more sweet than the taste of oranges. The orange is especially fragrant, and it smells like orange in the hands, which makes people feel appetizing. However, some oranges are very sour, especially those without ripe oranges, which are much more sour than oranges. Many people don’t peel when they eat oranges. Its flesh and orange peel are like sticking together. When eating oranges, it is easy to hurt the gums. Because it is not easy to peel off, only teeth can be used. Because of this, many people don’t like to eat oranges. They usually buy other fruits, like grapefruit, more flesh, cheaper, and easy to peel.

Third, sugar cane

Sugar cane is also a very popular fruit. The sucrose we eat is mainly extracted from sugar cane. When sugar cane is eaten in winter, the taste will be more delicious, because the sugar cane in winter is particularly sweet and the taste is very delicious. Chinese people eat sugar cane, usually cut off the cane skin, and then bite the sugar cane in the mouth to chew, there will be a lot of juice. However, if sugar cane is eaten regularly, it will cause the cane skin to puncture the gums, and then it will bleed. When Xiaobian eats sugar cane, it always hurts gums, tongue and lips. Therefore, in winter, sugar cane is generally not eaten, and the cost of eating sugar cane is too great.

Four passion fruit

Xiaobian didn’t know what it was called passion fruit. Later, when I was drinking, I found that the drink made with passion fruit was especially good, and the taste was very good. It smelled especially delicious. However, some people do not like the smell of passion fruit. They feel very rich in flavor, which makes people feel uncomfortable, and the taste is sour, difficult to enter, and makes the teeth sour. Xiaobian has always liked to eat sour, so the passion fruit is still acceptable. People who don’t like to eat passion fruit can put some honey in it when they eat it, so the taste is better, and it won’t be sour, but there will be a special taste. People like it very much.

Five, durian

Durian has been very controversial since ancient times. People who love durians are simply loved. They don’t mind eating durian three times a day. However, for those who don’t like durian, the taste of durian is very bad, and the taste is very strong, it is difficult to swallow. Durian eat too much, it will also be bad for the teeth, so it is still necessary to eat properly, do not eat too much. There will be thorns on the outside of the durian. When picking, try to hold the handle of it. Don’t touch the thorn on the outer shell, otherwise you will be injured.