7 easy ways to handle fruit flesh

Fruit is a natural good medicine. According to a study by the American Institutes of Health, eating 5 servings of fruit a day is half less likely to develop cancer than people who eat less than 2 servings a day. However, most people would rather not eat because of the tedious steps of fruit cleaning and fruit cutting. However, this time Xiaojiu shared several fruit preservation and slicing skills from foreign websites to make your eating easy and healthy.


When the cut apple comes into contact with the air, it will oxidize and change color. Tie the apple with a rubber band. Cut the apples in advance, tie the rubber band back to the shape before cutting, and eat it when you have time. This method is very suitable for those who do not have time to cut fruit.


Using a straw, like a lamb skewer, pass through the strawberry from the bottom so that the leaves of the strawberry will pop out easily, and you will never be afraid to eat the leaves.


Remove the bottom of the kiwi fruit, and then use a spoon to slide along the peel to achieve complete flesh separation.


相信 I believe that everyone knows how to ripen bananas (put them in a paper bag to quickly ripen bananas), but do you know how to slow down the speed of ripening bananas? If you don’t have time to eat it, and you don’t want the banana to ripen too fast (rotten), you can use a plastic wrap to tightly wrap the top of the banana. This method can extend the ripening time of 3 to 5 days.


When eating oranges, you are most afraid of splashing the juice of the orange flesh. First cut off the top and bottom, and then use a knife to cut down the center point of the orange. Then the orange will look like a scroll. Just enter it and it will not splash Gravy.


The method of ravioli is the same as that of strawberries, but the flower mouth of the cake is used here. Press down on the bottom of the cherry and the core will come out.


The juice of mango is probably more annoying than the juice of orange. The sticky lick on the hands and face is really uncomfortable. Therefore, you must learn this trick! After cutting, you can easily separate the flesh of the mango with a glass, as shown in the figure below.