7 kinds of fruits and vegetables are healthier every day

A new study in the UK found that eating at least 7 kinds of fruits and vegetables every day is more effective in reducing the risk of diseases such as cancer and heart disease, and the risk of death is lower than that of peers.

The current health advice of the UK National Health Service is that British people should consume no less than five fruits and vegetables per day, each of which is no less than 80 grams. This recommendation is based on World Health Organization guidance.

However, researchers from the University College of London, UK, published a research report in the Journal of the Journal of Epidemiology and Public Health on the 1st. From 2001 to 2008, they analyzed the eating habits of more than 65,000 British people over the age of 35. And their medical records.

The results showed that people who ate at least 7 people a day had a lower overall risk of death of about 42% compared with their peers who ate only one type of fruit and vegetable per day. The risk of cancer, heart disease and stroke was relatively low.

Specifically, fresh vegetables have the greatest health benefits, followed by salads and fruits. Juice does not show such health benefits, and eating canned fruit can increase the risk of heart disease, which may be due to the high sugar content of the syrup in the can.

According to Oyinola Oybold, who led the study, the results of this study show that no matter what age group, eating more fruits and vegetables will be good for health and reduce the risk of illness and death. The effect is “surprising.” But even if you don’t get 7 kinds of fruits and vegetables every day, eating more is always better than eating less.