After waking up, I feel dry mouth and bitterness, what is the cause? If you have, pay attention to

When we sleep at night, the body is constantly metabolizing, and after waking up, the body is already short of water. Therefore, after getting up in the morning, there is often a dry mouth and bitterness in the mouth. This is normal. When you brush your teeth in the morning, drinking a glass of water in a timely manner can improve the body’s lack of water, and the mouth will become moisturized again. However, some people found that after they woke up, the mouth was dry and bitter, and there was a stench. After drinking water, it could not be alleviated. Even sometimes at night, I will be awake. What is going on?

After waking up, what is going on inside the mouth?

Eating habits are not good: some people eat dinner late, dinner is more greasy, eat too much spicy food, the stimulation of the digestive system is relatively large, in the middle of the night or wake up, it will There are cases of dry mouth and bitterness.

Poor sleeping position: Everyone has different habits of sleeping. Some people like to sleep on their side, and some people like to sleep. People who like to sleep, will easily drool when sleeping at night, causing dry mouth and bitterness. Others like to open their mouths when they sleep, so when they wake up, their mouths will become dry and bitter.

Blood sugar is too high: people who are too bloody will often feel thirsty and feel dry and bitter inside their mouths. If you are always awake in the middle of the night, there is bitterness in your mouth, and you will always feel thirsty during the day and the amount of urine will increase. I always feel hungry. I eat more and lose weight. This is the case. Most of the time, blood sugar is too high. I need to measure the blood sugar in time, then control the blood sugar, lower the blood sugar as soon as possible, and send the mouth. Dry and bitter conditions will be alleviated.

There is a problem with the liver: the mouth always feels dry, and if there is obvious bitterness, it may be a problem with the liver. People with liver problems, abnormal body metabolism, poor detoxification, prone to dry mouth and bitterness, and there will be obvious bad breath. If the skin and the fundus are yellow, the skin is long on the skin, or the skin of the palm is abnormally red, most of them are caused by liver problems. It is necessary to pay attention to the liver in time.

Oral problems: The problems that arise in the mouth must first be considered if there is a problem with the mouth. Although many people brush their teeth every day, they are not very careful when brushing their teeth. As a result, the teeth are not cleaned and the tartar is too much. It is prone to oral problems such as periodontitis, cavities and calculus. After a mouth problem, the bacteria in the mouth will grow a lot, causing dry mouth and bitterness in the mouth.

Problems in the stomach: problems in the stomach, such as the presence of Helicobacter pylori in the stomach, there will be dry mouth and bitter mouth. In addition, poor intestinal peristalsis, people who are often constipated, stool can not be discharged in time, accumulated in the body, is also prone to dry mouth and bitterness.

From the above, we can also see that there are many reasons for the mouth to dry and bitter after waking up. It may be caused by poor living habits, or it may be caused by physical problems. Therefore, if you have a dry mouth and bitterness after waking up, you must first find out the reasons for the dry mouth and bitterness before you can solve the phenomenon of dry mouth.

In fact, most people wake up and suffer from dry mouth. Most of them are caused by physiological factors such as poor eating habits, poor sleeping posture or poor oral hygiene. Want to improve the dry mouth, bitterness, we have to develop good eating habits, eat lighter at dinner, try to eat before 8 o’clock in the evening. Before going to bed, you should seriously brush your teeth, brush your teeth, and after you have finished brushing your teeth, don’t eat. When you are sleeping, try to lie flat or lie on your side and close your mouth so that the dry mouth and bitterness can be improved after waking up.