Avoid three wrong ways to eat meat

In the last 18 years, Professor Walter Longo of the University of Southern California recorded and compared the diet and health of about 6,400 people. Those who love high-protein animal foods such as meat and egg milk are twice as likely to die as those who consume less, and four times more often than those who consume less.

The researchers attributed this result to animal protein in meat and milk. Animal protein increases the risk of cancer and stimulates the secretion of hormones, which leads to the aging of human cells. Professor Longo pointed out that there will always be cancer cells or precancerous cells in a person’s life. The question is, will this cell spread? In Professor Longo’s view, protein intake affects the outcome of this problem. Excessive protein intake will stimulate the body’s IGF1 hormone, which will accelerate the body’s aging and reduce immunity.

How much meat is it to eat every day?

The protein in meat can also be replaced by milk and beans, but B vitamins, essential fatty acids, and minerals such as zinc and iron cannot be replaced by vegetables and fruits. Therefore, we do not need meat, but do not need too much meat.

Meat has red meat and white meat. Red meat refers to meat that appears crimson before cooking. Meat from all mammals such as pork, beef, lamb, and rabbit meat belongs to this category. White meat refers to meat with fine muscle fiber, low fat content and high unsaturated fatty acid content in fat, including chicken, duck, goose, fish, reptile, amphibians and crustaceans.

Manual workers are suitable for eating red meat, and mental workers should eat more white meat; men have a greater demand for red meat, women have less demand for red meat, and can eat more white meat; the body function of the elderly is degraded, and eating more red meat is easy to cause heart Vascular disease and Alzheimer’s disease; children need to eat both meats in order to meet the needs of physical development. If you have chronic diseases such as obesity, heart disease, and high blood pressure, it is best to eat less meat and eat more legumes.

Three methods of eating meat are easy to cause cancer

1.Pork soaked in hot water

Many people are used to soaking the pork that has just been bought in hot water and think that the blood of the pork can be removed. In fact, soaking pork with hot water will cause the pork to lose a lot of nutrients. Because pork contains a lot of low-temperature musins ​​with a freezing point of 15 ° C ~ 16 ° C, it is very soluble in water. Therefore, in daily life, do not soak or rinse the pork with hot water. It should be rinsed quickly with cold water. Cook it when cooked.

2.Excessive stewed meat is easy to cause cancer

Many people like to eat boiled meat. No matter what meat you eat, you feel that the stew is getting worse and more nutritious. In fact, this is actually more unhealthy. Since the amino acid, creatine liver, sugar, and harmless compound in the meat react chemically at a temperature of 200 ° C to 300 ° C to form an aromatic amine group. The aromatic amine group contains 12 compounds, 9 of which have carcinogenic effects. Therefore, it is best not to eat over-cooked meat.

3. Fried meat can cause cancer

Salted fish, bacon, sausage, ham and other foods will produce carcinogenic nitrosopyrrolidine after frying. The correct way to eat is to cook the bacon, sausage, ham and other foods to make the nitrosamines volatilize with water vapor. At the same time, it is best to add some rice vinegar when cooking salty food. At the same time, when eating salty food, mix it with fresh fruits and vegetables, or drink a cup of yogurt after a meal.