Banana color determines efficacy

Green bananas for weight loss. Professor Yoshitaka Kato of Hirosaki University in Japan found that underripe green bananas are rich in “digestible starch” and have lower glycemic index. In other words, the greener the banana you eat, the lower your calorie intake and the better your weight.

Yellow skin banana beauty. For those who don’t want to beautify their skin, it is recommended to eat bananas whose skin has been yellowed. This color of bananas has matured and contains more vitamin B2 and vitamin B6, which has a better effect on preventing and treating skin problems. Professor Tokuhiro Okubo of Tohoku University in Japan found that yellow-skinned bananas have a strong antioxidant effect, which can effectively remove free radicals in the human body, thereby achieving a cosmetic effect.

Brown skin bananas help digestion. Mature bananas often have black spots or pan-brown on their belts. Studies have shown that this brown-skinned banana contains rare phospholipids in fruits and has the effect of inhibiting gastric ulcers. Therefore, people with a poor appetite may wish to eat brown Peel bananas to help digestion.