Banana preservation is longer than this

According to Business Insider, if you want to keep your bananas longer, try this trick!

We often buy a lot of bananas, and it seems like we have to race against time. How much can you eat before the banana is discolored, softened, and unpalatable?

Most people who eat bananas may not know that there is a way to slow down the ripening of bananas: using plastic wrap.

Next time you buy a bunch of bananas, then separate them and wrap them around the stem of each banana with a small portion of plastic wrap. The cling film helps to suppress the ethylene gas generated when the banana matures. Without the cling film, the banana gas will spread to other parts during the ripening process, and the whole will be cooked quickly.

Therefore, this method actually prevents the diffusion of ethylene gas to prevent it from accelerating maturity.

It is the same reason to divide bananas. When bananas are connected by their stems, some prematurely mature bananas will spread the ethylene gas they release to other connected bananas. Similarly, a bad apple or banana will destroy a bunch.

This method does not completely prevent bananas from maturing, but it slows down the process of maturity and prevents the last pile from breaking.