Boy drinking coffee with high blood pressure

The researchers selected 96 children aged 8 to 17 years as subjects, measured heart rate and blood pressure, and asked them to complete a questionnaire on caffeine intake. The researchers then asked them to drink a caffeine-containing drink and a placebo. It was found that all children who participated in the trial had decreased heart rate and increased blood pressure after drinking caffeine. But among adolescent children, boys respond more strongly to caffeine than girls. After 12 to 17 years old boys drank caffeine, the increase in blood pressure was greater than that of girls of the same age. But for undeveloped children, gender has little effect on them.

The researchers also found that girls’ response to caffeine is related to their menstrual cycle, and hormonal fluctuations during menstruation alter cardiovascular response to caffeine. The study has been published in the Journal of Pediatrics.

The researchers believe that although the data show that boys and girls respond differently to caffeine, both cardiovascular responses to caffeine. This difference is most likely affected by hormones. But in any case, the right amount of coffee is good for health.