Caffeine and exercise combined with anti-skin cancer

New research shows that drinking coffee combined with proper exercise can reduce the risk of skin cancer.

Experiments on experimental mice showed that exercise stimulation and caffeine feeding not only reduced the risk of skin tumors in mice by 62%, but also reduced the tumor size of cancer-bearing mice by about 82%.

Professor Yao-Ping Lu, of the University of Ericstor Mario Rogers School of Pharmacy in New Jersey, USA, is the principal of the study. He said: “This coffee- and exercise therapy can reduce the animal’s excessive UV rays. The risk of skin cancer caused by exposure, we believe that this treatment will also be suitable for humans.”

The researchers applied a certain amount of caffeine to the rats and then forced them to move on the rolling wheels for a while. Both caffeine and exercise are good for animals, but their overall effect is far greater than the sum of their effects.

Feeding caffeine alone can reduce the number of tumors in cancer-bearing mice by about 27%, and the tumor size is also reduced by about 61%. In cancer mice with exercise alone, the number of tumors in the body is reduced by about 35%, and the tumor size is reduced. Also reduced by about 70%.

It is still unclear why this effect is produced, but Professor Yao-Ping Lu suspects that it is likely to be associated with inflammation, because the inflammation in mice after coffee exercise therapy is reduced by about 92%.