Can dandelion tea drop uric acid?

With the spread of the concept of health, more and more people like to drink a cup of dandelion water every day, health and health, dandelion health effect is so good, can uric acid? High uric acid problem, I must have troubled many people. After discovering that uric acid is high, everyone will be very nervous and have various controls. How do you know if uric acid has come down?

Dandelion tea does have the effect of reducing uric acid. Because dandelion contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, the trace element potassium is especially rich. Potassium has the effect of diuresis and spleen. People with high uric acid may drink dandelion water regularly to help the body to replenish electrolytes lost during detoxification. . Drinking dandelion water daily can help reduce uric acid, but dandelion can not reduce uric acid fundamentally, nor is it a special medicine for treating high uric acid. It is better to go to a regular hospital under the guidance of a doctor.

Dandelion is a cold food. People who suffer from spleen and stomach deficiency will aggravate the symptoms of spleen and stomach, and make the spleen and stomach more debilitating. It is recommended not to eat or eat in small amounts.

How is uric acid lowered?

Drink more water. Many people don’t pay attention to drinking water every day, and often forget to drink water. Drinking more water is good for discharging too much uric acid, which is good for all organs such as the kidneys. But don’t drink too much at once, so you can not only reduce uric acid, but also may have adverse effects on the kidneys.

Eat more uric acid-lowering foods. High uric acid, in fact, is largely due to too much sputum in the diet. So what is high, just eat less, such as soup, animal offal, caviar and so on. There are also many foods that can degrade uric acid and promote uric acid excretion, such as potatoes and eggs. The protein components contained in the potatoes are easily absorbed by humans, and they do not cause a serious burden on the body. They are very suitable for gout patients.

Patients with high uric acid should not eat animal internal organs: such as pancreas, liver, kidney, bone marrow, large intestine, etc. These animals have high internal organs. Plants such as spinach are rich in oxalic acid, which tends to cause a double increase in high oxalic acid, which causes a rapid increase in uric acid and aggravates the burden on the kidneys. These vegetables should also be eaten less.

Exercise more. Exercise for half an hour every day, such as walking, cycling, jogging, swimming, etc., can play a role in reducing uric acid, prevent the onset of gout, if moderate exercise before meals, the effect of acid and acid is very good