Can diabetics eat corn?

When it comes to staple foods, many people with diabetes seem to have a lingering fear. In fact, the chief culprit causing blood sugar rise is not a certain type of single food. What is more important is whether the food mix of a meal is reasonable. For example, some people with diabetes will ask, is corn suitable for diabetics? Here you can safely tell everyone that people with diabetes can not only eat corn, but also drink polenta. How to eat it is more particular.
How much is corn suitable for?
The complete corn is rich in dietary fiber because it is not processed, and it is a kind of coarse grain. At the same time, the GI value of fresh corn is 70. Compared with the same weight of white rice and white steamed bread, corn will stabilize blood sugar. More helpful. If you can eat half a root in the morning or evening, or eat a medium-sized corn at a noon (approximately 150 grams to 200 grams), instead of a fine grain, it is a very good choice, and the carotene and trace elements in the corn are Fine grain can’t be replaced.
Which is better for sweet corn and waxy corn?
The starch structure of waxy corn is mainly amylopectin. The human body is very easy to digest and absorb, so the blood sugar rises quickly. The sweet corn has low starch content and is rich in vitamins. The same weight of sweet corn is compared with white rice and pasta. It is 1/4 of the latter two, and the vitamin C content of sweet corn is comparable to that of apple and potato. The folic acid content is close to that of spinach, which is not only suitable for diabetics, but also for dieters and pregnant women.
What kind of corn paste is suitable for diabetics?
Now the corn noodles sold in the supermarket are formed after going to the valley, peeling and so on. It is no different from the white noodles we eat. If you use this to make porridge, it will easily cause blood sugar to rise. But if it is corn dregs made from corn dregs made by yourself, it will be much better.
Peel the fresh corn, put the whole grain into the cooking machine at home and beat it into corn grits. Don’t be too thin. It will be more fragrant if it is slightly thicker. The corn slag thus produced will not lose a little nutrients, and it is also suitable for the elderly who have bad mouth to eat corn. But pay attention to the time of sputum not too long, otherwise too thick will also affect blood sugar.
In addition, when diabetics eat cornmeal or other miscellaneous porridge, they must use an extra half a catty of green leafy vegetables, a soy product or lightly cooked meat to ensure the intake of protein, dietary fiber and vitamins. Diet is more helpful in maintaining blood sugar stability.