Can yogurt prevent flu?

It is said that drinking more yoghurt-containing beverages such as yoghurt helps prevent colds. Is there really scientific evidence for this statement? The Japanese Health Encyclopedia website invited internal medicine expert Nakano Rimi to answer questions from netizens.

Drinking yogurt does not completely prevent the flu

Yogurt has been widely accepted and loved since ancient times. With the continuous development of modern medicine and nutrition, the various effects of yoghurt on human health have also paid for in various researches. Among the many functions of yogurt, Preventing disease infections is also one of the effects of yogurt.

Although it is found from the results of the study that eating yoghurt has a certain preventive effect on the flu, it can be expected that its adjustment of the intestines and immunity will have a certain effect on the flu virus, but if you drink yoghurt, you can prevent the flu. It is impossible.

Influenza prevention involves not only the adjustment of diet, but also the maintenance of good hygiene practices such as washing hands and coughing, timely prevention of vaccination, avoiding lifestyles in places where people are mixed, etc. It is still far from enough. It is necessary to maintain a good sleep and balanced diet in daily life to improve the body’s defense and enhance the resistance to the flu virus, so as to truly prevent the flu.