Can you drink honey water if you have a cold?

Honey is a common drink in our daily life. Honey itself is also rich in trace elements and carbohydrates. In the morning, a cup of honey water has the magical effect of laxative and intestines. Today, Xiaobian will take care of the use of honey for everyone. What are you expecting and what are you unexpected? Can I drink honey water when I have a fever?

Honey has made great achievements in the field of health care. Studies have shown that honey has a certain regulating effect on the stomach and intestines, which can make the gastric acid secretion normal, and animal experiments have proved that honey can enhance gastrointestinal motility, which is also explained in the side, why a cup of honey in the morning Water can help the laxative and excrete the stool; because honey contains a variety of enzymes and minerals, under the interaction, can improve human immunity, also in animal experiments, this theory has been confirmed in life Friends who don’t like to drink five flavors of boiled water can add some honey in the water, which not only tastes good, but also helps to maintain beauty.

If you have accidentally caught a cold, there is no harm in drinking a little honey water. It can relieve the dry pain of the scorpion and have a good relief effect on the disease. However, since honey belongs to honey, it is a supplement to Yiqi. If you take more honey, the heat inside the patient will not be cleaned, eliminated, and other diseases will easily occur. Therefore, the specific circumstances should be taken according to the patient’s condition as appropriate.

If the patient with a cold or fever is a baby or a child, Xiao Bian does not recommend parents to feed honey, because the dust and the soil often contain bacteria called Botox, and the bees may take the pollen to make honey. Polluted pollen and toxins are brought back to the beehive. In young infants, there is almost no mechanism to fight botulinum, so this trace of toxin may poison the baby; and honey contains a small amount of Wang Jing, which contains hormones, which may make the baby precocious, within the age of The development of the baby’s taste system is not perfect enough. Premature exposure to honey will make the baby’s taste development less sensitive. In the event that honey is degraded during storage, adults can still resist, but for infants and young children, there will be problems. The possibility of illness.