Comment: From emotional transmission to psychogenic reaction

In the morning, I saw the report that 86 primary school students in Guizhou Zhijin had suspected poisoning for breakfast. Because they were eating Mengniu milk and bread, they could not help but think of the many cases of collective poisoning caused by students drinking Mengniu students in the past two years. The causes of poisoning such as “emotional contagion”, “drinking on an empty stomach”, “student eating bad food”, and now still think of thunder.

So I thought, this time, experts, associations, government departments, etc., what kind of “reasons” will be used to say for the milk circle? Or, what is the “cause” of this round to come out? The reason why this is said is because the conclusions of suspected student milk collective poisoning incidents are rather ridiculous, thundering, and always milk is no problem, it seems to be the law; or, it does not allow milk problems, but for milk No problem, no matter how absurd or ridiculous?

Unfortunately, I was told that “emotional contagion” did not come, and came “a group of psychogenic reactions.”

Search for relevant information, psychogenic response, is a type of reactive psychosis, the main clinical symptoms are disturbance of consciousness, psychomotor disorders. In other words, a collective mental disorder occurred on campus. We should respect science. Since there is a “cardiac response” in science, 86 students have a group psychogenic reaction. In theory, it is possible. The problem is that “emotional contagion”, “cardiac response”, etc., if each time “coincidentally” with a brand of milk, it is like these mental illnesses or disorders are specifically willing to “cooperate” with Mengniu milk. Not only is it unbelievable, it is even more ridiculous.

At the same time, we can’t help but admire the efficiency of the relevant departments: in many cases, the public is asking for the truth, and it is hard to come out, and this time, at most 24 hours, the “truth” was quickly identified. ———The milk is fine. Of course, if the reputation of a brand is the most important, and even when an industry is on the verge of being untouchable, the problem of quelling does require speed.

However, the elimination of public doubts and trust crises cannot be achieved by an “efficient” or sloppy panel of experts. Moreover, on this issue, regardless of the company or the government department, they should be more clear in their hearts. To win trust, this sensitive issue should be handled with greater caution and as open and transparent as possible, without shunning more media. Interview. However, the practice of all parties is to engage in assaults, quickly clean up everything, quickly “stabilize”, quickly return to calm, and throw a plausible and unrecognizable “group mental disorder”, the surface seems calm In fact, it is self-deception.

If every group problem caused by eating and drinking is never allowed to be related to food, what kind of “saying” is it next time? I hope that the next “emotional contagion” or “cardiac response” and so on will not be troublesome to find Mengniu milk – too difficult for experts.