Common diseases found during physical examination are caused by eating

The improvement of living standards makes chicken, duck and fish become essential ingredients for many families in three meals a day. However, there is a health crisis hidden behind the big mouthfuls: overweight, fatty liver, abnormal blood lipids, and elevated cholesterol. These common diseases are listed in the “Top Ten Diseases in Physical Examination” recently announced by three hospitals in Zhejiang Province. famous. Professor Wang Zhixiang, a member of the Chinese Nutrition Society and the Department of Nutrition and Food Hygiene of Nanjing Medical University, told the Life Times reporter that “these diseases with high medical ranks are mostly eaten.”

According to “Today’s Morning Post”, the results of the physical examination of 50,000 people in the Zhejiang Hospital Health Management Center in 2012 showed that the top ten diseases were: abnormal blood lipids, elevated cholesterol, overweight, fatty liver, liver and kidney cysts, ECG changes, gallbladder Polyps, cholelithiasis, hypertension, retinal arteriosclerosis, thyroid nodules, chronic pharyngitis. Although the specific rankings are not the same, the physical examination results of the Physical Examination Center of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine and the Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine also show that the top ranked diseases are mostly related to unhealthy eating habits. The top diseases in the former are overweight, dyslipidemia and thyroid nodules; the latter are the top three are fatty liver, dyslipidemia and elevated cholesterol.

“By analyzing the medical examination rankings of the three hospitals, we can easily find that many of them are metabolic diseases, and their occurrence is directly related to the lifestyle, especially eating habits. It can be said that many diseases are eaten by people. “Wang Zhixiang told reporters that many people now have no meat and no joy. If they have no meat, they will feel that they are tasteless. Over time, they have become rich and fat, and they have ingested too much fat.” Salt, coupled with bad habits such as smoking, drinking, and exercise, gradually lead to obesity, accompanied by high cholesterol, fatty liver and other diseases. “Don’t underestimate these seemingly less serious problems. If you don’t control them, you will gradually disintegrate your body’s healthy walls.” Wang Zhixiang said that metabolic syndrome including hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and hyperglycemia, if Without timely treatment, it will develop into severe illness and emergency such as coronary heart disease, stroke or even sudden death.

In order to stay away from these common diseases, the five principles of quitting smoking, controlling alcohol, reducing oil, reducing salt and exercising are the most urgent. Wang Yi, director of the Diet and Nutrition Department of Guang’anmen Hospital of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, told the Life Times reporter that it is also a top priority to manage three meals a day. She said that modern people have a fast pace of life and work pressure. They often do not eat breakfast or lunch, and when they have ample time for dinner, they eat and eat. This inverted diet is one of the main causes of chronic diseases. She suggested that a reasonable breakfast should include starchy foods such as bread and buns, foods rich in high-quality protein such as milk and soy milk, and fruits and vegetables rich in fiber and vitamin C. Lunch should be consciously guaranteed to diversify food; dinner should be Check for missing vacancies, make up the first two missing foods, eat less high-fat meats that are not well digested, and properly eat some digested seafood, chicken, duck, fish, and eggs.