Coriander boiled rock sugar can be cured

In winter, children are prone to have a fever. Recently, the online rumor that “Coriander with rock sugar boiled water” can prevent children from catching a cold, and mothers want to try and be suspicious. In fact, the recipe for parsley boiled water is scientifically based, not only for children with colds, but also for antipyretic effects.

This recipe is very simple, 5 cilantro, washed and removed leaves, two pieces of rock sugar, half a bowl of rice soup, steamed and can be taken. Chinese medicine believes that cilantro has a mild taste, warmness, into the lungs, spleen, sweating and rash, digestion and qi, suitable for colds, pediatric diet, indigestion and so on. In addition, the vitamin C content in coriander is much higher than that of ordinary vegetables. Generally, 7-10 g of coriander leaves can satisfy the human body’s demand for vitamin C. When a child catches a cold, vitamin C in the white blood cells is drastically reduced due to infection, and vitamin C can improve the bactericidal ability. Therefore, eating coriander at this time is also beneficial to the fight against pediatric colds.

About coriander rock candy boiled water, there are many other practices on the Internet, such as adding white radish 3-4 tablets or ginger 2-3 tablets, etc., the mechanism is nothing more than the cough effect of white radish and the sweating effect of ginger. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, the two and the coriander are not incompatible, so it is also possible to try.