Demystifying the ten amazing effects of oranges

Oranges are a fruit we often eat every day. Oranges are sweet and sour, rich in vitamin C, and rich in nutritional value. In the past, everyone only knew that vitamin C in oranges had whitening and cold-proofing effects, and I heard that orange peel oil can protect your hands. But you know what? Orange’s beauty and skin care effects are much more than that, the whole body is really treasure! Whether it is orange peel, orange seeds, orange petals … are rare treasures!

Orange juice

1, Salty Orange Juice Supplement

Drink orange juice after exercise. Fructose rich in energy can quickly replenish your energy and refresh you. Special attention should be paid to drinking orange juice immediately after it is squeezed out, otherwise the oxygen in the air will cause its vitamin C content to decrease rapidly. Add a little salt, the effect of replenishing physical strength is more obvious.

2, Deep Cleansing with Orange Juice Remover

Sweep the facial skin with a face towel soaked in orange juice, and wash it with water after 5 minutes. It can remove makeup and thoroughly cleanse facial dirt and oils, exerting deep cleansing effect. Sensitive skin can also be used with confidence, but after cleansing, avoid sunlight as much as possible to prevent skin from becoming dark.

Orange Seed

  1. Orange Seed Mask Firms Skin

Make two teaspoons of orange seeds into a powder with a blender, mix with distilled water to make a paste mask, and wash after 5 minutes to 10 minutes. Applying once or twice a week can improve the resistance of skin capillaries and achieve skin firming.

  1. Orange seed powder for rheumatism

Put air-dried orange seeds in a pan and fry, try not to fry, but fry the oil. Pour the fried orange seeds into powder and use water to brew them, 3 to 5 grams each time. Drink after meals. Long-term adherence can treat rheumatism to a certain extent.

Orange petals

Orange petal salad enhances immunity

The orange flap contains almost all the nutrients that fruits can provide, which can enhance human immunity, promote disease recovery, accelerate wound healing, and supplement dietary fiber.

Orange flap eye mask to add eye water

切 Cut the orange flap into thin sheets and use it as an eye mask. Press lightly with your fingers to help absorption, which can promote blood circulation, effectively replenish eye moisture, and achieve moisturizing effects.

Orange Peel

Orange peel scrub to remove dead skin

Slice the fresh orange with skin and put it into gauze, rub directly on rough parts such as elbows, knees, heels, etc. to remove dead skin and horny. At the same time, orange peel is rich in flavonoids and vitamin C, which can also promote skin metabolism and increase the resistance of skin capillaries.

Orange peel sachet can hypnotize and repel mosquito

Wrap orange peel with muslin to make a sachet. It can not only hypnotize but also repel mosquitoes when placed next to a pillow. Put it in the bathroom, kitchen or refrigerator to remove odors and keep the air fresh.

Orange peel massage eliminates cellulite

Orange peel has outstanding anti-cellulite function. Take a small amount of cleaned orange peel, moisten it with olive oil, and then massage the part of the body with cellulite. Squeeze the juice evenly and vigorously during the massage, and then wash the skin with water.

Orange peel bath moisturizing and skin rejuvenation

Adding a small amount of freshly cooked orange peel soup while bathing can bring refreshing fragrance, can also reconcile free radicals, help to keep the skin moist and tender, and is especially suitable for use in autumn and winter.

Oranges, everyone is familiar and have eaten them. It contains a large amount of sugar and a certain amount of citric acid and rich vitamin C, which has a high nutritional value, and oranges also have magical skin care functions. You can make more use of it. Do n’t waste it!