Diabetes patients do not have to worry about staple food

“Once a person has diabetes, he is basically insulated from the staple food.” Mr. Zhang was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes not long ago. For him who likes all kinds of pasta, the news made him very anxious. In fact, there are not a few people like Mr. Zhang who have diabetes and can’t eat the staple food.

Wei Wei, a resident of the Nutrition Department of the Oriental Hospital of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that in the consultation for diabetic patients, he found that after formulating the diet according to the daily energy needs of diabetic patients, many people reported that their staple food could not eat doctors. So many are specified.

“A male patient with a height of 175cm and a body weight of 70Kg has fatty liver, diabetes, and dyslipidemia. According to normal calculations, his daily energy should be at least 2100Kcal. According to the reference ratio of each nutrient supply ratio, his daily staple food amount. Can reach 325g, and is heavy, which means that if he wants to eat steamed bread, medium size, he can eat at least 7 a day, the average is divided into 3 meals, he can eat one in the morning, eat at noon and evening 3. When I talked to him about the amount of staple food, he looked at me in amazement and said: ‘I can’t eat so much, I didn’t eat that much, blood sugar can’t control it?'”

Wei Wei said that according to the previous dietary survey, the patient’s daily staple food volume is really not much, about 200g. “But why is his blood sugar still uncontrollable? The answer is simple, because he does not control non-staple food. His daily food, in addition to a relatively small staple food, also contains a large amount of meat and alcohol. This will inevitably result in Overload of energy and fat, energy metabolism and sugar metabolism in the body will be affected in the long run, the excess energy is not consumed locally, and the fat is too much to be stored. So, the blood sugar is high. Sometimes, not The main food harms you with high blood sugar and weight gain. When you stop and think about it, you will find that the non-staple food hidden behind the delicious food eats your health a little bit.”