Dialectical diet, bid farewell to constipation

Constipation refers to difficulty or difficulty in defecation, poor bowel movements, reduced stools, and dry stools. Normal people generally have no less than 3 bowel movements per week, with an average stool volume of 35 to 200 g and a fecal water content of 70%. Patients with constipation can show less than 3 bowel movements per week. Some have frequent bowel movements every day, but the defecation is laborious. Each time the bowel movement takes a long time, the feces are dried out like sheep feces, and the feces are not exhausted after defecation. feel.

Long-term constipation harms health

Constipation is divided into functional constipation and organic constipation. Functional constipation is also a common functional gastrointestinal disease, which occurs in the natural population of 5%. Its occurrence is related to many factors, including: lack of cellulose in food, insufficient drinking water, insufficient stimulation of colonic movement; mental factors affecting normal bowel habits; colonic motor dysfunction; insufficient abdominal muscles and pelvic muscle tension, insufficient defecation driving force; Laxatives, drug dependence; old age, too little activity.

Long-term constipation can cause damage to the body. Such as dry and hard stool stimulation, can lead to anorectal diseases such as hemorrhoids, anal fissure, anal infection, rectal prolapse.

It can also cause gastrointestinal symptoms, loss of appetite, belching, bad breath, nausea, nausea, bloating, abdominal pain, etc. The food residue stays in the intestine for too long, is easy to ferment and spoil, generates a large amount of gas, causes the intestine to swell, hinders venous return, and hinders respiratory and digestive functions.

It can also cause systemic symptoms: dizziness, fatigue, mental apathy, upset, irritability and a series of symptoms of autologous poisoning. The complexion is dull, the spots are blurred, and it is prone to bloated. This is due to the abnormal fermentation of the intestinal contents and the resulting toxins being absorbed into the blood.

Constipation can also aggravate or induce symptoms such as cerebral infarction, hypertension, myocardial infarction, emphysema.

Conditioning diet based on physical inducement

Different methods are used for different physiques, and different methods are used for differentiation. Dialectical adjustment is the key. According to clinical features, constipation can be divided into four types: dry heat constipation, yin deficiency constipation, qi stagnation constipation and qi deficiency constipation.

Hot and dry constipation: People who are good at physique and impotence. Common manifestations: dry mouth, bad breath, facial acne, lice, insomnia, dreams, upset, short red urine. This is mainly due to the accumulation of heat in the gastrointestinal tract, which consumes the body fluid, causes the intestinal tract to become dehydrated, and the stool is dry and causes constipation. Diet conditioning can choose spinach, celery, banana, bitter gourd, eggplant, mung bean, pear, papaya and other hot and dry products.

Therapeutic side

Celery seaweed porridge: celery 250g, seaweed 50g, cooked in the pot, cooked on an empty stomach, 1 time / day.

Cold spinach: spinach 300g, sesame oil 10g, spinach boiled water for 2 minutes, sesame oil mixed with 2 times a day.

Yin deficiency constipation: more common in people with yin deficiency and blood deficiency. Often accompanied by palpitations, insomnia, dizziness, body weight loss, five upset heat and other performance. Because of the thoughts of labor and anxiety, long-term staying up late, suffering from yin and blood, yin and blood deficiency, internal heat is partial, resulting in insufficient secretion of intestinal fluid. It is recommended to eat more white fungus, fungus, pine nuts, medlar, duck meat, pork skin, jujube, mulberry, carrot, yogurt, and so on.

Therapeutic side

Sanren cream: black sesame 50g, pine nuts 50g, cypress kernel 20g, honey 300g. The black sesame seeds, pine nuts, and cypress kernels are dried and ground into coarse powder. Add honey and mix well for one week before serving. Take one serving each morning and evening, one serving a spoonful each time.

Peach and plum sweet potato porridge: sweet potato 200g, peach kernel 15g, Yu Liren 10g, glutinous rice 100g. Wash the peach kernel and Yu Liren, cook for 20 minutes on low heat, remove the residue and leave the juice for later use. Wash the rice with glutinous rice, add the appropriate amount of water and medicine to the pot, cook until the porridge is thick, and divide the food in the morning and evening.

Gas stagnation constipation: a person who is born in a stagnation. Main performance: chest tightness, shortness of breath, love sigh, chest and thoracic area full of discomfort, upper abdominal fullness, lower abdomen pain. Mainly due to excessive thinking, poor mood, or lack of exercise, the operation of the air machine is unfavorable, and it is caused by the intestinal tract. Should eat more radish, broad beans, perilla, mustard, soybeans, cumin, oranges with citrus, bergamot, lychee and other gas-conditioning products.

Therapeutic side

Chenpi whole wheat porridge: whole wheat 150g, soybean 50g, dried tangerine peel 15g, hemp seed 10g porridge early and late food.

Bergamot radish soup: white radish 200g, bergamot 12g, celery 150g, green onion, salt 2g, a total of porridge cooked, add appropriate amount of sesame oil, take once a day.

Qi deficiency constipation: people who are mostly qi deficiency and yang deficiency. It is characterized by fatigue, shortness of breath, lack of radiance, sweating, dizziness, cold pain in the abdomen. Due to old illness, excessive fatigue, postpartum gas and other reasons, yang deficiency, promote weakness, decreased intestinal transmission capacity. You can choose glutinous rice, jujube, yam, chestnut, leeks, potatoes, rabbit meat, squid, squid, mushrooms, etc.

Therapeutic side

Chestnut rabbit broth: rabbit meat 500g, chestnut 50g, Cistanche 15g, the same three products into the pot, cook until the rabbit meat cooked, add rice wine 20 ml, ginger 3, salt 3g, sesame oil 5g continue to boil for 5 minutes Cheng, early and late food.

Glutinous rice jujube porridge: glutinous rice 150g, jujube 50g, honey amount. Wash the glutinous rice jujube together into the pot and cook the porridge until cooked. After a little cold, transfer the honey to it. Eat it in the morning and evening.

Drink plenty of water, diet and vegetarian diet, and the combination of refined and coarse grains can help to improve the symptoms of constipation. Regular diet, regular bowel movements can form conditioned reflexes and reduce constipation. According to the symptoms, syndrome differentiation can let us say goodbye to constipation and reduce worries.