Do you want to add water to the watermelon juice?

Many times the watermelon juice you buy has sediments. Can watermelon juice be precipitated and drink? Is it normal to have watermelon juice precipitated? How to squeeze watermelon juice? Do you want to add water to the watermelon juice? How to save watermelon juice?

Can watermelon juice be precipitated and drink?

Can drink, freshly squeezed watermelon juice is also slowly precipitated in the refrigerator, the same as white sugar water, very sweet! Below the red blood red, you can drink the water above, and make a watermelon popsicle!

Watermelon juice is a mixture of water and macromolecular fruit and other insoluble substances. After standing for a period of time, the insoluble matter precipitates and stratification occurs. As long as it smells sour and rot, it can be drunk.

How can watermelon juice not be precipitated?

1, Put the watermelon in the refrigerator and make ice cubes.

2, the watermelon is taken out and peeled and cut into pieces, and the cut watermelon pieces are placed in the blender.

3, add half a cup of pure water, ice, honey, slowly adjust from low speed to high speed, stir for about two minutes.

4, the watermelon juice stirred with the cooking machine, the seeds are also crushed, no need to filter, you can drink directly. The taste is sweet and delicate, and the taste is better after chilling. Summer is more popular.

Do you want to add water to the watermelon juice?

Watermelon juice should be added with water, the amount of water added is twice the amount of watermelon, and the amount of water can be increased or decreased according to your own taste.

Different methods of making juices will be different. If you have a “juice” function on your machine, you can make juices, but soymilk needs to add water if you make juice. If your machine is a double-grinding series, Then you don’t need to cut it too small. If it is other models, you need to cut the fruit into small pieces of bean size according to the instructions, in order to better form the water circulation, so you need to read the instructions before use.


Pure water should not be added too much, because watermelon and ice cubes already have enough water.

You can mix in half a lemon according to your taste, and the taste will be better.

How to save watermelon juice

1, 0-4 ° C low temperature storage.

2, the sealing conditions are preserved, the bottle containing the watermelon juice must be covered with a lid, or sealed with plastic wrap.

If you do not have a refrigerator, you can put a basin of cold water, put it in a cool place, and store the watermelon juice in a sealed bottle. Generally, it can be put for 6-8 hours.