Do you want to peel the apple?

Do you want to peel the apple? This simple problem has also appeared in our lives many times. Some people think that apples need to be peeled because there is a layer of pectin wax on the outside, and the one who thinks that there is no peeling thinks that the apple’s nutrition is on the skin. Peeled. Because the apple nutrition after peeling has been reduced by more than half, or directly eat more nutritious, then is it to peel? Still not peeling?

Why do you want to peel the apple?

The World Health Organization has given advice this way: It makes sense for apples to peel. Cleaning apples does not guarantee the removal of bacteria or chemicals left on the epidermis, so peeling before apples is necessary. Especially for China, the use of chemical agents and pesticides in food production in China has been increasing in recent decades. There is some evidence that some uses and application rates far exceed the recommended amount. This greatly increases the pesticide residues on the surface of fruits and vegetables. These residual pesticides on the surface have a great impact on human health.

Do we overestimate the nutrition of apple peel?

Most people think that the nutrition of apple skin is very rich, including some people who will peel off and eat apples. They still feel a pity, so it is a bit uncomfortable to cut off the nutritious apple skin. But is the nutrition of the apple peel really as high as you think? The nutrients of apple skin and apple meat are obviously different. The former has more water-insoluble dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals, but the intake of dietary fiber is not as good as possible, it will bring discomfort to the gastrointestinal tract. It also reduces the absorption of nutrients such as minerals, and the overall quality of vitamins and minerals in the peel is not too high considering the rate of digestion and absorption.

In summary, apple shaving does not have much effect on the loss of nutrition, but it is good for safety or peeling.