Drinking beer can stimulate the “happy factor”

Some people think that drinking alcohol is because of alcohol addiction. The latest US study published in the Daily Mail of the United Kingdom shows that drinking beer may be unrelated to alcohol, and the taste of beer itself can make people happy and addicted.

According to the report, neuroscientists at Indiana University in the United States asked 49 adult men to drink beer and sports drink Gatorade in an experiment and use instruments to scan dopamine in their brains. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is aptly called the “happiness factor.” In order to eliminate alcohol, the subjects can only drink 15 ml or a small spoon of beer every 15 minutes. The results showed that people who drank beer had significantly higher levels of dopamine released from the other group, and those who drank beer had a higher desire to continue drinking than the other group. British psychology professor Dai Stephens believes that this study proves that the flavor of the drink can affect the brain. The study also recommends drinking a cup of about 120 ml of beer a day, while more than 3 cups increase the risk of liver damage, osteoporosis and other diseases.