Drinking black tea has a lower incidence of diabetes

The new issue of the British Medical Journal Publishing Group publishes a report that Swiss researchers have collected the consumption of black tea by people from many countries around the world. The data show that Irish people drink the most black tea, consuming an average of more than two kilograms of black tea per person per year, the United Kingdom, People in countries such as Turkey and Russia also like to drink black tea. Although China is a big tea country, because people usually like to drink green tea, they are ranked lower in the table of drinking black tea together with countries such as South Korea and Brazil.

The researchers also investigated the incidence of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes in various countries. Comparative analysis shows that in countries with more black tea, the incidence of diabetes is generally lower.

The researchers said that the discovery only revealed a link, and what kind of causal effect between drinking black tea and diabetes needs further exploration.