Drinking Luo Han Guo tea and clearing the lungs in the haze

Recently, the continuous smog weather in Zhengzhou not only brought inconvenience to the public, but also received many patients with respiratory infections. Zhang Hua, director of the Department of Respiratory Medicine at Zhengzhou Central Hospital affiliated to Zhengzhou University, said that in the past few days, outpatients have increased by about 30%. Inhaled toxic substances can be discharged to the body in some simple ways in daily life.

First, eat less spicy and irritating food, and eat a little more tofu. Because the protein has an enhanced resistance. The second is to drink some Luo Han Guo tea. Mangosteen is the first choice for clearing throat and relieving cough and removing phlegm. Generally, a mangosteen can be brewed four or five times, preferably after lunch, because the fog is the strongest in the morning, and it is almost dispersed at noon. The body inhales more dust and impurities in the morning, and can clear the lungs in the afternoon.