Drinking some red wine before a meal can help appetizers

In order to study the effect of red wine on appetite, Dr. Carton and his colleagues from the University of Caledonia, Glasgow, UK, selected 11 male participants to do three trials, one drink before a meal, one drink at dinner, and everything. Do not drink. The results showed that compared with the time when the wine was not stained, the food intake of the participants before drinking red wine was 25% higher, and the food intake increased by 22% while eating red wine while eating.

Researchers say the new study suggests that drinking red wine helps to increase appetite. Therefore, people who want to lose weight are best not to drink red wine before eating, and those who want to gain weight and those who have no appetite, may wish to drink some red wine before meals.

Related scientists said that drinking red wine before meals can not only quickly open the appetite, but also effectively relieve dizziness, improve attention and work efficiency.