Drinking soy milk is also very particular about

Soybean is one of the traditional foods in Chinese diet. It can make a variety of delicious foods, such as soybean milk, tofu brain, yuba, etc., and is an indispensable dish on the family table. Studies have shown that soy protein has a cholesterol-lowering effect. Researchers have found that soy protein makes low-density lipoprotein cholesterol in adults, and the study believes that people who are accustomed to eating high-saturated fat foods or meat can reduce their cholesterol levels more significantly if they eat more soy products . In life, soybeans have always been known as “the king of beans” and “the longest bean of longevity”. But drinking soy milk is also very particular about it, you have to figure out these 7 things first?

  1. Can’t drink on an empty stomach?

If it is said that soy milk is rich in protein, and protein is wasted on an empty stomach, can it be said that eggs cannot be eaten on an empty stomach? After all, egg protein is also rich in high-quality protein. However, no one is entangled with whether the egg can be eaten on an empty stomach. Regarding the issue of nutritional waste, everyone can rest assured that no matter what we eat, the first thing that is broken down and energized is always carbohydrates, and protein will not be wasted.

Which is better than soy milk and milk?

Compared with milk, soy milk is completely “different.” Although the protein content of soy milk is not as rich as that of milk, the content of saturated fatty acids in it is much lower than that of milk. In contrast, this matter is more conducive to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health. In addition, soy milk is rich in dietary fiber, which is hardly contained in milk, and intake of dietary fiber can promote intestinal metabolism, promote defecation, and prevent constipation. In addition, milk and soy milk contain some essential mineral elements, soy isoflavones and other phytochemicals contained in soy milk are even more remarkable. Regular drinking can enhance the body’s immunity.

Soy milk cannot be eaten with eggs

The truth is that you can eat them together, but do n’t use soymilk to wash eggs. Soymilk can be eaten with eggs, but some people boil raw eggs and boil soymilk. This method is not recommended. Soy milk does contain some “anti-nutritional factors”, such as trypsin inhibitors, which inhibit protein digestion; lipoxygenase directly binds to proteins and amino acids in food, producing beany and bitter tastes, which reduces food flavor and Nutritional value; plant erythrocyte lectin will stimulate the mucosa of the digestive tract, causing inflammation and bleeding. However, if the soy milk is heated and boiled for 5 minutes, these substances will be destroyed, and there will be no problems.

If you drink too much milk, your uterus will grow?

This worry is unnecessary, soy milk contains soy isoflavones. This substance is similar in structure to estrogen, so it is considered to have estrogen-like effects and is called phytoestrogens. But its effect is relatively weak, and its function cannot be compared with hormone drugs. Secondly, whether soy isoflavones are digested by gastric acid and then absorbed by the human body, whether it can have such amazing effects needs further verification.

Can I drink brown sugar with soy milk?

Because brown sugar contains some organic acid substances, when organic acids and proteins are encountered, they will precipitate and even affect the absorption of proteins. It should be noted that it is too normal for proteins to precipitate after encountering acidic substances. You must know that the gastric acid secreted in our stomach is a very strong acidic substance. When soybean milk enters the stomach, it will normally The so-called “reaction” occurred, and there was no problem at all. Therefore, brown sugar can be placed without harm, and it can be safely consumed.

Soy milk, the most common healthy drink in life. Regarding drinking soy milk, there are also many “rumors” circulating on the market. On the premise of rejecting rumors, drink healthy soy milk.