Eat food to solve acne troubles

Whether it is adolescents who are in adolescence or office workers who have irregular work schedules, it is a nuisance. Recently, the Japanese beauty health website “Ranger” published a paper that eating food can solve acne troubles.

Symptomatic eating. The growth position of acne can reflect the health status of the corresponding parts of the body, and “the right medicine” can quickly acne. If the forehead is acne, indicating that the digestive function is weak, it is recommended to drink more yogurt; the acne around the mouth or cheeks indicates that there are problems with gastrointestinal and liver function. It is recommended to eat more tofu, banana, freshwater fish, etc.; Insufficient, resulting in the accumulation of cholesterol in the body, it is recommended to eat more mushrooms and seaweed; central chin and two acne, may be caused by autonomic nervous disorders, it is recommended to eat more tuna, liver, etc., to take in a sufficient amount of vitamin B6.

Meals are not separated from the beans. Beans are rich in “beauty vitamins” vitamin B2, vitamin B6 to maintain immune function, vitamin C which can resist oxidation, zinc which can promote cell growth, dietary fiber which has intestinal function, etc. Acne is very helpful.

Only eat lean meat. Excessive intake of animal fat will lead to excessive secretion of sebum, leading to acne. When eating meat, it is best to choose pure lean meat, which is rich in zinc, which promotes metabolism, helps detoxification, and controls acne. Drink herbal tea. The vitamin C content of rose hip is 9 times that of lemon, which has a good preventive effect on acne; calendula tea can help detoxification and promote metabolism; mint tea can both detoxify and sterilize, and is a “special effect tea” for preventing and treating acne.