Eat walnuts to treat constipation

Constipation is a common disease, especially in the elderly, where the incidence is very high. One day, the emergency room suddenly came to a mother and daughter. After the consultation, I realized that the old man was often constipated. Now I have not had a bowel movement for nearly a week. It is very painful. I quickly gave her a few open stoppers and made an enema. After a while, the old man actually discharged the stool and his face looked much better.

Considering that the enema is too bad for her body, her daughter asked me what remedies are available to treat constipation. I told her that there is a recipe that can be used for a long time. It is very effective for treating middle-aged and old-age constipation, that is, eating walnut. Eat a few walnuts each morning and evening or eat at will, and control it within half of the day. Walnuts are rich in walnut oil and a large amount of crude fiber. Walnut oil softens the stool and lubricates the intestines. The crude fiber can absorb water and swell and stimulate the movement of the intestines, thereby achieving the effect of treating constipation. The walnut also contains nutrients such as lecithin, which can promote the growth of nerve cells.

Especially attention should be paid to constipation in the elderly, because studies have shown that severe constipation is associated with dementia. Chinese medicine believes that elderly patients with constipation have a phenomenon of “waterless boat stop”, which means that the elderly have blood deficiency, less Jin, can not moisten the large intestine, the intestines lack of fluid, the stool will be secret. If you only use irritating laxatives to succumb to stagnation, it will only increase the lack of fluid. This is like a boat stranded in a dry river. It is definitely not possible to push forward. Only the river is full of water, the boat is loaded, and the boat is Go ahead. Walnut intestines and intestines, the treatment of senile constipation is exactly in line with the principle of “enrichment and boating”.

After the girl got the party, she went to the market to buy some walnuts for the elderly. After a week, she called me in a pleasant surprise, saying that the elderly had a bowel movement on the morning of the third day after eating walnuts. They would be discharged once every two days, and the stools would be unblocked and dry and wet.
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