Eating beef in moderation can reduce the risk of heart disease

A new study from Penn State University found that eating lean beef can reduce the risk of heart disease from a nutritional point of view, contrary to the view that red meat is generally considered to be detrimental to cardiovascular health.

More and more research shows that eating beef in moderation does not increase the risk of heart disease, but it is good for heart health. Penn State University’s research adds another testimony to the report. The researchers tested 36 volunteers and ate them in four dietary modes, each for five weeks, taking a week off between the two dietary patterns, and measuring each time at the beginning and end of each diet. blood pressure. The results showed that the diet containing the right amount of lean beef in the diet every day, the effect of lowering blood pressure is better than the diet mode with little or no beef. Penny, a professor of nutrition at Penn State University, said that eating lean beef in moderation increases overall protein intake and is good for the heart.