Eating fresh fruit is healthier

The price of dried fruit is high, and the heat is several times that of fresh fruit.

Interviewed experts: Chinese registered dietitian Gu Chuanling

The variety of dried fruit in the supermarket is very rich. Many people think that although the price of dried fruit is higher than that of fresh fruit, it is both nutritious and convenient, suitable for the usual busy life. In fact, eating dried fruit is not as good as eating some fresh fruit.

Eat dried fruit, the heat is easy to exceed the standard. The fruit becomes dry, the moisture content is reduced, and the heat is relatively improved. For example, fresh bananas are 93 kcal/100 g, while bananas are 360 ​​kcal/100 g; fresh dates are 125 kcal/100 g, dried dates are 276 kcal/100 g; fresh grapes are 44 kcal/100. Gram, raisins have 344 kcal / 100 g. The heat is much higher.

Eat a small amount of raisins, about 30 grams, but the calorie can reach 103 kcal, equivalent to 46 grams of steamed bread or 63 grams of rice, equal to half a staple food, therefore, eat the dried fruit must pay attention to the amount.

Look at the ingredients list. Although some foods are called dried fruit, they are actually fried or sautéed and baked. The taste is crisp. Common bananas, dried jackfruit, dried dates, and dried apples. Some flavored fruits will also add sugar during processing, such as apricots and plums. Adding sugar or oil will further increase the calorie dryness. The heat of a brand of 100 grams of fried crispy jujube is 435 kcal, which is 158 kcal higher than that of direct drying. Be sure to check the ingredients list when you buy.

Dried into groceries or rice. The sugar in the dried fruit is mainly glucose and fructose, which is used as a snack to raise blood sugar. The short-term intake of a large amount of fructose is easy to cause obesity. Multigrain porridge or miscellaneous grains have a slightly rough taste and rich dietary fiber content, which can delay the rise of blood sugar. Adding dried fruit can increase the sweet taste and avoid excessive intake.