Eating more fruit is not healthy

I know a doctor. His breakfast is often KFC’s “Imperial Chicken Leg Fortress” and a cup of coffee with creamer. The high calorie of this combination has been repeatedly criticized by nutritionists. As a doctor, why is he brave enough to eat it? The reason is that he has to look at more than 50 patients in a morning clinic. The calorie consumption is very high. If it is not such fried, high-sugar food, the function of the brain will not keep up. When you see the last few patients, He couldn’t support it. He dared to eat this so-called “junk food” because he had to guarantee that it was completely consumed before noon, and there was no residual heat in the body. Those “junk foods” that cause obesity because of high calories and can not be consumed are not “garbage”. However, if you are sitting in front of the computer every morning and surfing the Internet, no matter how much your body or your brain is moving, you will be able to eat this package and you will soon become a slow-moving fat man.

Almost no food is absolutely nutritious and absolutely healthy. It can be let go, because in addition to cold water, any food has calories, including tofu. Although it is light and oil-free, if it is eaten excessively, the tofu will convert more heat than you. The body needs to be able to become “junk.” However, this premise has relaxed the vegetables. Vegetables are the only food that can be better, because the benefits of vegetables are directly proportional to the amount of intake that people can get in every day.

In the previous essay “Super guerrillas”, the protagonist complained that his children can only eat green onions, and no one in the family who eats fruits every day grows watery… It seems that vegetables are not as nutritious as fruits. In fact, on the whole, the nutrition of fruits is lower than that of vegetables. Although fruits and vegetables contain vitamin C and minerals, there are certain differences in the content. Only fresh dates, hawthorn and citrus, kiwi and other vitamins are included in the fruits. C is rich, other fruits contain less vitamin C and minerals than vegetables, especially in cheap green leafy vegetables, vitamin C and iron are high.

Another point is that the nutritional structure of fruits and vegetables is different. The content of dietary fiber is not only higher than that of fruits, but also contains insoluble fiber, which has the functions of promoting intestinal peristalsis and removing toxic substances accumulated in the intestinal tract. It can effectively prevent constipation, hemorrhoids, and intestinal cancer. This is an effect that can not be achieved by eating fruits. What is contained in the fruit is mainly soluble fiber, pectin, which is not easily absorbed and slows down the emptying of the stomach.

Not only that, the heat of vegetables is generally lower than that of fruits. Even if you eat more vegetables, it will not cause too much calories, but food and meat are absolutely not allowed, including fruits, because most vegetables contain sugar. The class is a starch-like polysaccharide, which needs to be slowly absorbed after being hydrolyzed into monosaccharides by various enzymes in the human digestive tract, so it does not cause a large fluctuation in blood glucose concentration in the human body. The sugars contained in fruits are mainly monosaccharides (fructose, glucose) and disaccharides (sucrose). When they enter the human body, they can be dissolved into the blood with only a little digestion. Therefore, eating a large amount of fruit in a short period of time will cause the blood sugar concentration to rise quickly, which is not conducive to good health. These monosaccharides and disaccharides are easily converted into fat after entering the human liver. If they are excessive, they can also make people fat. Therefore, the fruits of diabetics are strictly controlled, but vegetables can be released.

Therefore, the Chinese residents’ dietary guidelines advocate that 400 to 500 grams of fresh vegetables should be used every day, and then 100 to 200 grams of fruit should be properly eaten. Fruits are not much better, but the risk of eating more fruits is less than eating more. The meat is gone.