Eating more meat is more susceptible to diabetes

The British “Daily Mail” reported that a new French study found that certain ingredients in meat, cheese and other “acidic diets” are closely related to type 2 diabetes. Women who eat more acidic foods have a 56% higher incidence of diabetes than women who eat the least acidic foods.

In the new study, scientists from the French National Institute of Health and Medicine conducted a 14-year follow-up study on the diet and health of more than 66,000 female participants. At the end of the study, a total of 1,372 female participants were diagnosed with diabetes, and women who ate an acidic diet were at greater risk of diabetes. These acidic foods include meat, cheese, bread and soft drinks. Foods that are less acidic include coffee, fruits and vegetables. In addition, although oranges and lemons taste very acidic, they can reduce acidity in the body after digestion. In addition, most fruits such as peaches, apples, pears, and bananas have an acid-lowering effect.

Scientists have pointed out that eating acidic foods such as meat can increase the risk of diabetes, and even eating more fruits and vegetables can not completely offset this negative impact. The entry of acidic foods into the body leads to the accumulation of acid, which prevents the body from converting the sugar in the food into energy, thus greatly increasing the chance of developing diabetes.