Eating pears often helps to lose weight

Traditional medicine believes that pears are sweet and juicy, have the effect of moistening the lungs and removing phlegm, and moistening and moisturizing, which is one of the winter health foods. A new study published in the US Journal of Nutrition and Food Science found that eating pears often helps to improve weight loss.

In the latest study, Carol, a researcher at the Louisiana State University Agricultural Research Center. O’Neill’s analysis of the US National Health and Nutrition Survey 2001-2010 included an analysis showing that people who regularly eat pears have smaller waist circumferences. Participants who ate one pear per day had a 35% lower risk of obesity than those who did not.

In this regard, Dr. O’Neill said that the results of the study “I often eat pears to help lose weight” are exciting. Eating a medium-sized pear can satisfy 24% of the recommended daily intake of cellulose for adults, with a calorie of only 100 kcal. In addition, the new study also found that participants who regularly eat pears also had lower intakes of total fat, monounsaturated fatty acids, saturated fat, and added sugar.

Seeing here, is there an impulse to buy pears? Don’t worry, the food that can reduce the waist can be more than a pear!

Can you reduce the amount of food? 1, yogurt

Yogurt not only contains the rich nutrients of milk, it is rich in calcium and lactic acid, helping to suppress cholesterol. It also contains lactic acid bacteria that help clear the intestines. It can improve constipation, speed up gastrointestinal motility, and excrete the old waste in the body. The small belly will naturally become smaller.

Can you reduce the amount of food? 2, kelp

The low-cost and nutritious kelp, in addition to its powerful detoxification effect, also has a good cellulite effect. It is a star diet food that women can’t miss. It is rich in taurine and dietary fiber alginic acid, which helps lower cholesterol and excrete intestinal fat.

Can you reduce the amount of food? 3, lettuce

Lettuce, known as a diet dish, is rich in dietary fiber and vitamin C, which can enhance satiety and eliminate excess fat. Moreover, the ingredients such as lettuce and mannitol contained in lettuce are natural substances that lower cholesterol, excrete fat, diuretic and promote blood circulation.

Can you reduce the amount of food? 4, fungus

Fungus can be described as a “scavenger” in the stomach, which can promote digestion, lower blood fat, and help the intestinal waste and fat excretion. It is also able to collect blood and effectively detoxify and lose weight while also ruddy and radiant.

Can you reduce the amount of food? 5, banana

The calorie of a banana (about 100 grams net weight) is only 87 cards. Compared with the amount of white rice (150 grams and 220 cards), it is only about half of the low calories. Eating bananas is both detoxifying and slimming.

Can you reduce the amount of food? 6, tomato

Tomatoes are rich in dietary fiber such as pectin, which makes people feel full. Helps eliminate constipation and promote metabolism, which is quite helpful for weight loss. It also supplements vitamins and minerals that the body lacks.