Eating too much and moving less is an important factor in obesity

The China Health Knowledge Communication Incentive Program Knowledge Sharing Conference, hosted by the Ministry of Health and the China Association of Journalists, was held in Nanchang on the 13th. Experts at the conference called on the public to change the habit of eating imbalance and sedentary, keeping the balance of eating and preventing overweight, obesity and chronic diseases.

He Li, a researcher at the Center for Nutrition and Food Safety of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, introduced the importance of “feeding balance”. He Li said: “It is an important factor to cause overweight, obesity and high incidence of chronic diseases. Eating balance is to promote the balance of energy intake and energy consumption of the public every day.”

He Li said that some young people are desperately dieting for weight loss, which is very incorrect. Overweight is not caused by certain foods, but energy intake exceeds energy consumption, and excess heat is converted into fat. Simply dieting loses weight while losing weight on muscles and bones. To develop a “balance of eating and eating” lifestyle, that is, to maintain the balance of energy in the body, in order to prevent overweight and obesity.

Since 2005, the Ministry of Health and the China Association of Journalists have jointly launched the China Health Knowledge Communication Incentive Program, which selects the main chronic diseases or risk factors that threaten public health every year and disseminates health knowledge.