Eating watermelon helps control blood pressure

The study found that in modern society, the incidence of heart disease increased in cold conditions. Because the body’s system tries to keep warm and causes blood pressure to rise, forcing the heart to load more, increasing the risk of heart attack and stroke.

“Watermelon can reduce the rate of high blood pressure in obese people and reduce the risk of heart attack. New research shows that fruits greatly reduce the high blood pressure of obese people, even if they are exposed to cold weather.” Arturofi, Florida State University, USA Professor Groa said: “We found through experiments that eating watermelon can reduce the pressure on the heart of the human heart.”

The scientists found 13 hypertensive patients who were basically middle-aged, obese people with high blood pressure for more than 12 weeks.

The experimental approach is: Scientists ask test participants to immerse their hands in cold water to simulate cold weather conditions and then test their blood pressure. Half of the participants took the watermelon extract every day, and the pressure on their aorta and heart decreased. The other half injected a placebo. After 6 weeks, participants exchange roles.

“The results show that even in cold environments, eating watermelon can reduce blood pressure and heart pressure,” Professor Figueroa said.