For those who stay up late, 6 questions will come to you

When it comes to staying up late, everyone is no stranger, and most people have more or less experience staying up late. Especially nowadays young people, who love to play with mobile phones at night, can easily lead to the phenomenon of staying up late. Speaking of staying up late, everyone knows the dangers of staying up late, but many people still don’t take it seriously, feel good, and staying up late is not a big deal. In fact, otherwise, the most terrifying thing of staying up late is that it will quietly ruin your health. When you return to God, you will regret it. The body is already full of scars. When do you stay up late?

Generally, you stay up late after 11 pm, but it can be extended to 12 o’clock, that is, it is best not to go to bed before 12 o’clock, at this time not only belongs to staying up late, but also cause greater physical harm. It is also necessary to be able to ensure that there is 7 to 8 hours of sleep time, otherwise lack of sleep is no different from staying up late. How many times do you stay up all night? But nowadays people are under a lot of pressure in their lives and work, so it is inevitable that they will stay up late, so how about staying up a few days a week? Is it less harmful to the body? Generally, stay up late more than twice a week, and stay up all night too long. It is worth noting that you must not stay up all night, this kind of damage to the body is particularly great, it is best not to have it once. So what happens to those who stay up all night? What happens to the body? What happens to people who often stay up late? 6 questions will come to your door, if you have to change, stay up late 6 questions will come to you

1.Hair loss

Many people who stay up late often have severe hair loss, and their hair quality becomes worse, thinner, and more brittle. There are many post-90s hair loss, and staying up late is one of the main reasons. Staying up late will make the body worse, which will lead to liver and kidney deficiency, making its functions worse, while liver deficiency causes deficiency of qi and blood, and kidney deficiency leads to insufficient essence, both of which have an impact on our hair . There is also that staying up late will cause endocrine disorders, which will affect the normal growth of hair, may also cause insufficient blood supply to the hair follicles, cause hair follicles to shrink, and exacerbate hair loss. Therefore, if you have a tendency to lose hair, don’t stay up late. If you want to keep your hair thick, stay up late.

2, Obesity

People who stay up late often gain weight more than ordinary people. Because staying up late can lead to some bad habits, especially eating supper. Many people stay hungry in the middle of the night and will be hungry in the middle of the night. At this time, they will inevitably find something to eat, so they will naturally become fatter. There is also a long stay up all night, lack of sleep will reduce the basic metabolism of the human body, and also easily lead to endocrine disorders, which will exacerbate the occurrence of obesity. Therefore, if you don’t want to be obese, you still have to go to bed early and get up early and stay up late.

3.Skin becomes worse

Staying up late causes the skin to deteriorate, which is the most terrible for female friends, that is the destruction of their beauty. Often staying up late will affect endocrine, cause skin metabolism disorder, abnormal oil secretion, and easily cause oil to the skin. If you do not pay attention to cleaning, oil will block pores and cause skin acne. There is also that staying up late will affect the skin’s water-holding function, which will make the skin dry, and affect the skin’s new town metabolism will make the skin rough, make the skin dull and so on. It can be seen that staying up late is very harmful to the skin. If you want to have good skin, it is recommended to stay up late.


We all know that people’s spirits will be very bad after staying up late, and people who often stay up late will experience insomnia, headache, and nervous breakdown. Staying up late not only disturbs the biological clock, but also makes the sympathetic nerves disorder, which makes you excited at night, but it is very weak in the morning, which affects the work and study during the day. This may also lead to memory loss, unresponsiveness, and forgetfulness. Therefore, we must maintain a regular schedule, do not stay up late, otherwise it will lead to neurasthenia, which is not good for physical health.

5, Cardiovascular disease

Often staying up late will increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. For example, staying up late will increase the secretion of adrenaline and norepinephrine, which will cause vasospasm and increase blood, which is unfavorable for hypertension patients, It will also accelerate the process of atherosclerosis. There is also often staying up late to make heart rate disorders, heart failure and other conditions occur. Studies have shown that if you sleep less than 6 hours a night, the risk of death from heart disease is 48% higher than that of people who live and sleep normally. Therefore, if the cardiovascular disease itself is not very high, people with basic cardiovascular disease should pay attention to staying up late.


I have to say that people who stay up late for a long time will be more likely to develop cancer. This is because staying up late can make the body not get enough rest, especially the various tissues and organs in the body. For a long time, then it will make the body’s immunity decline, easily lead to disease invasion, and it is not conducive to the prevention of cancer. Another is that when the body’s immunity decreases, the body deteriorates, which will naturally affect the normal division and normal operation of cells, and increase the chance of cell mutation and canceration. The body’s low immunity may not be able to stifle mutant and cancerous cells in the cradle. And studies have shown that people who stay up late and lack sleep have a 50% increased risk of colon cancer. It can be seen that staying up late is not necessary.