Gout, high uric acid, can I eat soy products?

Bean foods are high in purines and must not be eaten.

However, research has shown that:

Consuming soy and other pod beans does not cause gout attacks, and plant purines are less at risk of gout than meat purines.

The so-called low risk does not mean that there is no risk. Legumes are not inedible. The key lies in:

For people with high uric acid, how much and how to eat different beans are particular about it.

Soy and soy products

What we mean by “soybeans” is not just soybeans (also called soybeans), but also black soybeans and green soybeans.

Not so low in purine content

The content of purine in dried soybeans is not low, similar to meat.

Purine contains 190 milligrams per 100 grams of dried soybeans, compared to 150 milligrams for pork and beef.

The problem is, we eat 100 grams of meat a day, but usually we do n’t eat as much as 100 grams of soy a day.

  1. Tofu can be eaten, soy milk can also be drunk

In terms of 100 grams of dry soybeans, it is almost equivalent to 300 grams of boiled soybeans, 200 grams of dried tofu, 300 grams of north tofu (old tofu), 500 grams of south tofu, or 2 liters of soy milk.

In the above-mentioned foods, in addition to soybean milk, a large amount of water is squeezed out during the production process of tofu and dried tofu, and a large amount of purines that are easily soluble in water are also removed.

When eating this type of beans or soy products:

Pay attention to reducing the amount of meat and replacing it with about 20 grams of soy or proportionally converted soy products, as long as you don’t drink a lot of thick soy milk.

Peas, broad beans, lentils

This type of beans has a higher purine content when dry, especially the purine content of dried broad beans is higher than that of soybeans.

However, when these beans are fresh, because of the water content, the purine content is not high, and the amount of starch is small, it is still suitable for eating.

When eating these beans:

Do not cook for a long time, do not mix with high-purine ingredients such as meat or dried bacteria and algae at the same time, drink less bean soup, just eat some beans.

Red beans, mung beans, kidney beans, lentils

Red beans, mung beans, kidney beans, black lentils and other dried beans can be eaten as a staple food. Their purine content is similar to or slightly lower than that of soybeans.

The general trend of purine content is:

Soy Beans> Mung Beans> Black Beans> Red Beans> Kidney Beans

Less red beans and other food

Usually, we usually just use a small amount of red beans, mung beans to make porridge or beat the soy milk with soybeans. The amount we eat every day is very small.

And drinking a bowl of miscellaneous grains of eight treasure porridge and grains will not adversely affect the blood uric acid concentration.

  1. Mixed bean diet is easy to improve satiety

In addition, miscellaneous grains and miscellaneous beans are conducive to improving satiety and controlling weight. For patients with gout and hyperuricemia during remission, it can help maintain a healthy weight and reduce the risk of disease.