Have bad breath and eat some mint and cloves

Many people have problems with bad smell in the mouth. Professor Sun Xixi from the Institute of Food Science and Technology of Taiwan University of China told you two foods to eliminate bad breath.

Peppermint: Mint Xinliang, if you are a hot and humid stomach, and the bad breath caused by high fever, and you will feel dry mouth and bitterness, mint is very suitable.

Clove: Ding flavor Xin but warm, with a diffuse effect, Chinese medicine is commonly used to strengthen the stomach and intestines, treatment of vomiting and abdominal pain. Moreover, it is often used as an anesthetic and fungicide. In some dentist’s mouthwashes, it contains a little clove. But in fact, cloves are still “ancient chewing gum.” According to legend, Song Zhi, a famous court poet of the Tang Dynasty, had a bad breath problem. Therefore, when he saw Wu Zetian in the Jin Dynasty, he must first contain cloves and keep his mouth full of fragrance.