Hops ingredients help to stop muscle atrophy

The team said that they used the experimental rats with leg paralysis to conduct experiments. One group of rats was fed with food containing 1 gram of dry hop powder for two weeks, and the other group was fed only with normal food. The results showed that the former group of rats were found. Symptoms of muscle atrophy are contained.

The team explained that this is mainly because hops are rich in isopentenyl flavonoids, which inhibit enzymes that promote muscle protein breakdown and help inhibit further muscle atrophy.

The research team pointed out that in the space microgravity environment, if the experimental animal is injured or the limbs are fixed for a long time, it may cause muscle atrophy. Isopentenyl flavonoids may have a therapeutic effect on this condition.

Siwei Chunji, who led the research team, said that the current prevention of muscle atrophy relies mainly on rehabilitation training, which is very difficult for elderly people who are bedridden. I hope that in the future, muscle atrophy can be curbed by taking medicine and eating foods containing medicinal ingredients.