How does deficiency of blood affect the body?

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, all life activities in the day after tomorrow mainly come from qi and blood, qi and blood circulate throughout the body, the skeletal meridians, the five internal organs, and the hair and skin are all driven by qi and blood. Once the deficiency of qi and blood occurs, it will inevitably affect the process and induce a variety of diseases.

What diseases can qi deficiency cause?

  1. Chronic kidney disease

Qi stagnation and blood stasis are the main factors that cause the weakness of the kidneys, spleen and stomach, and lungs, which increase the burden on the kidneys and easily cause symptoms of chronic kidney disease such as edema, fatigue, hematuria, and back pain. This group of people should choose to have the important effects of Zhigan Bushen, Qi and blood circulation. For example, Chinese wolfberry can directly affect the kidney, protect the kidney unit, reduce the damage to the kidney tissue, and also improve the kidney structure. Enhances kidney resistance to viruses and bacteria. In addition, medlar soaked in water can promote metabolism and repair the damaged sexual tissues, achieving anti-inflammatory and diuretic effects.

  1. Gynecological diseases

When qi and blood are insufficient, it is easy to induce a variety of gynecological diseases, such as cold limbs, uterine fibroids, female infertility and ovarian cysts, as well as cold, irregular menstruation and sexual dysfunction are also related to qi and blood deficiency. In addition, it can cause spots on women’s faces, yellowing, and even accelerate skin aging.

  1. Chronic bronchitis

When Qi and blood are not enough to help the lungs to breathe, the lung Qi upturn can cause symptoms related to chronic bronchitis, such as chest tightness, shortness of breath, and cough. Because the lack of qi and blood can cause kidney qi deficiency, which aggravates qi stagnation and blood stasis. Patients should eat more food with kidney qi and blood, exercise more to improve resistance and reduce the number of colds.

4.Prostate disease

When the blood is insufficient, the internal organs and hair and skin cannot be nourished with sufficient blood. Especially for men, it is easy to induce a variety of prostate diseases such as prostatitis or prostatic hyperplasia. Patients should mainly recuperate the kidneys and replenish qi and blood, and then use antibiotics for treatment.

It was not expected that insufficient blood and blood could easily induce so many diseases, so people should be vigilant. Patients eat more longan jujube, Astragalus codonopsis and other foods that can nourish qi and blood, keep the body warm in winter, exercise more to clear the meridians, and promote qi and blood operation. In addition, you must ensure that you have enough sleep, stay up late, and never get angry.