How often do you drink instant coffee for your body?

When it comes to coffee, it is not only popular abroad, but also a very popular drink in our country. Especially for white-collar workers who often work overtime, it is very common to have a cup of coffee. However, although the freshly ground coffee is good, it is not suitable for a workplace with a very fast pace of work, so instant coffee will come into being, not only refreshing, but also improving your work efficiency.

But for instant coffee, many people have concerns in their hearts: Does drinking instant coffee often cause harm to our body? Are there many additives that are bad for us in the instant coffee? In fact, instant coffee is not as terrible as we think. After instant coffee is extracted from roasted coffee beans, the dried powder is usually made into a three-in-one coffee drink. The reason why people are criticized is that they add a lot of white sugar, non-dairy cream and food flavor.

The addition of sugar is one of the causes of obesity, and it is also likely to cause high blood pressure, diabetes and other related diseases, while the non-dairy creamer contains hydrogenated vegetable oil, and the trans fatty acid in hydrogenated vegetable oil is for our body. The health is not good, so we often mention avoiding excessive intake. Although the three-in-one instant coffee is very delicious, and it can be easily accepted, the coffee that ordinary people usually contact is usually this kind of coffee. It has a unique taste but is particularly sweet and sweet. It’s fast to be addictive!

However, it is also good for a certain reason. Even without milk, it has a very mellow and smooth taste. This is the fat of the non-dairy creamer (also known as creamer); it is much sweeter than the bitter black coffee. This is mainly the credit of sugar! The non-dairy creamer contains a lot of saturated fat. Like the fat in the fat, it is high in calories and delicious, but it is the number one public enemy of good body. It is very easy to cause its own weight to grow. Therefore, if you consume a lot of instant coffee with a non-dairy creamer every day, you may get more fat. The so-called: a fat ruin all, not only affects the index of your appearance, it may also increase your suffering The risk of cardiovascular disease!

And sugar is what we call the most enemies that have ruined our human health for nearly a hundred years—obesity, high blood fat, high uric acid, skin aging, and vascular aging are all related to it! People who drink syrup every day, visceral fat is more likely to exceed the standard, and its health hazard may be greater than ordinary obesity! From the composition of the instant coffee composition, it is mainly based on the composition of a certain instant coffee, a 15 grams of three-in-one instant coffee energy is 291 kJ (about 70 kcal), protein 0.6 Gram, 2.4 grams of fat, 11.2 grams of carbohydrates, 68 mg of sodium. That is to say, drinking 3 cups of instant coffee every day may consume more than one-tenth of the energy required per day. Whether it is sugar or calories, it is not negligible.

Therefore, we do not recommend drinking a large amount of instant coffee in threes a day, occasionally one or two times, but if you develop a habit, this hazard really can not be underestimated! In addition, instant coffee is inevitably involved in caffeine. The caffeine in coffee will have a certain excitement to our brain’s central nervous system, giving people a feeling of relieving fatigue and improving their attention, so we often rely on coffee to refresh ourselves. However, if you drink too much coffee, it may cause palpitations, insomnia, and unstable blood pressure, especially in some people who are sensitive to caffeine. If you drink coffee, you will experience heartbeat acceleration, nausea, and dizziness. It can be said that coffee is a contradiction between pros and cons.

Therefore, for those who drink coffee regularly, it is necessary to pay attention to controlling the intake. Generally, it is best not to exceed 3 cups per day (about 200 ml per cup). You can choose freshly ground coffee and try to drink less instant coffee. If you can only drink instant coffee, you need to pay attention to its energy and carbohydrates. Try to choose products with lower energy, lower carbohydrate and fat content. Finally, let’s talk about the non-fat and trans fats: the non-dairy creamer is an “great” invention that allows the poor people of the past to enjoy the creamy taste: the Western countries at that time. The cream is expensive and relatively rare, which is definitely a special gift for the rich!

A clever chemist has obtained a cream-like product after hydrogenating vegetable oil, which is very low in cost and easier to store, and is not susceptible to spoilage, so it is used in food processing. However, with the continuous advancement of medical research, people have also discovered that trans fatty acids in hydrogenated vegetable oils have terrible harm to the cardiovascular system of the body. This is an important reason for the increase of blood lipids and high blood clots!

Therefore, the current food processing industry is committed to continuously reduce the content of trans fatty acids in hydrogenated vegetable oils. At present, many foods have been added with hydrogenated vegetable oil (cocoa butter chocolate, some fried foods, coffee mate, etc.) However, its trans-fatty acid acid labeling is zero (China stipulates that any fat content below 0.3% can be marked as zero content). However, no matter how high the fat content of the plant’s cream products, fried foods, cocoa butter chocolate products, various pies, etc., it is likely to contain harmful trans fatty acids, so you should eat less!