How to choose a watermelon that can quench your thirst?

Watermelon can stimulate thirst, relieve heat and remove irritability, summer is the most suitable for eating watermelon, not only can relieve heat but also add water, but the king of summer fruit! How do you choose watermelon in the summer? What is the best way to choose watermelon? Let’s take a look at it with Xiaobian!

A look: identify the skin color of melon and melon, melon umbilical. Where the melon is well-formed, the flower skin melons are clear and dark, and the black melons are black and shiny. The gudy and melon umbilical parts should be tightly closed, slightly retracted, and the cane handle is close to the melon skin, and the pedicle is thick and green, which is a sign of maturity.

Second listen: Identify the sound of watermelon. You can hold the melon in one hand, and gently pat it in one hand, giving a crisp sound to the cockroach. The hand of the squash feels a little tremble, it is a ripe melon; the sound of “burst, sudden” is a reflection of the higher maturity; “Sound, is a ripe melon; the sound of “squeaking, squeaking” is a raw melon.

Sancha: Feel the weight of watermelon. The watermelon of the same size and higher maturity will have a lighter weight. Because the water content of the raw melon is high, the melon body is heavier; the mature melon is lighter than the melon because the melon meat is loose and fragile.

In addition, it should be noted that if the melon skin is soft, dark, the sound is too heavy, the body is too light, and even the melon smells, it will be a rotten melon, unbearable. Others believe that if the bottom of the melon is yellow, it must be cooked. In fact, sometimes when farming, because the bottom of the melon does not see light, so it may be yellow when the third or fourth is cooked, so don’t fall into the bottom of the melon is the misunderstanding of cooked melon.