How to drink tea is healthier

As a traditional drink that everyone is familiar with, tea not only has a good taste, but also contains a variety of nutrients that are beneficial to the human body. Appropriate drinking can be thirst-quenching and refreshing, so it is well received by the public. However, although drinking tea is good, only the proper and moderate drinking will bring out the benefits of tea and play a health care role for the body.

Do not drink too much tea. Too strong tea can cause nerve excitement, affect sleep, and also affect digestion and absorption to stimulate stomach discomfort, and even cause anemia. Therefore, it is recommended that the tea can be lighter, and the appropriate tea amount can be selected according to the tea container, and usually it can be brewed at about 3 to 5 grams.

Do not drink too hot tea. Most of the tea is brewed by boiling water. Some people think that the hot drink of tea is better. However, the hot tea will cause damage to the gastrointestinal digestive tract and induce disease. Therefore, try to avoid drinking hot tea for health reasons.

Do not drink Chencha, overnight tea. Long-term tea will lose nutrients, and it is prone to deterioration or even mildew during the long-term preservation process. Such tea is not only harmful to health, but harmful. In addition, overnight tea or tea that has been used for a long time is not only poor in taste, but also easy to breed bacteria in tea, and the relative increase in tannic acid, which affects the absorption of nutrients such as protein, calcium and iron.

Drink tea to choose time. Although there is no rule when to drink tea, it is generally not recommended to drink tea before going to bed. Otherwise, it will affect sleep for friends with neurasthenia. Moreover, if you drink too much tea before going to bed, it will also cause nocturia, which will also affect the quality of sleep, so don’t drink too much tea before going to bed. In addition, you can also choose different teas according to the changes in the seasons of the four seasons, such as drinking tea in the spring, spreading cold evils, promoting the rise of human yang; drinking green tea in summer, clearing away heat and detoxifying, enhancing gastrointestinal function; drinking green tea in autumn, help Eliminate the residual heat in the body, make people refreshed; drink black tea in winter, can be gentle and beneficial.

Drinking tea is divided into situations. In general, tea is good for your health, but for some special people, such as patients with certain diseases such as stomach diseases, patients with liver and kidney disease, anemia patients, etc., or pregnant women, lactating women, children under three years old, etc. , it is best not to drink tea. In addition, fasting tea is prone to palpitation, sweating or gastrointestinal discomfort, so it is best to avoid it; it is best not to drink tea when taking the medicine, because the tea contains more ingredients, and some drugs may appear Chemical reactions, while taking it may cause adverse reactions or affect the absorption of the active ingredients of the drug.

Drink tea and wash your cup. After drinking tea for a long time, tea stains will inevitably remain on the tea set. Accumulated tea stains can cause bacteria to grow and affect health. Therefore, be sure to clean the tea set in time after drinking tea to avoid damage to the body.

Tea drinks cannot be equated with tea. Many tea drinks or tea-flavored drinks often add sugar or other additives, which are not completely equivalent to the tea brewed from natural tea. Therefore, everyone should pay attention to this when drinking, and choose according to their own circumstances.