How to eat instant noodles to be healthy

For busy modern people, eating instant noodles seems to be inevitable. Although the instant noodles are becoming more and more delicious with the advancement of the food industry, they are not in line with the principles of health; but as long as they are slightly “processed”, they can still be eaten healthy.

  1. Avoid ham sausage: Many people like to add ham sausage when eating instant noodles, but experts remind that both of them are high in salt and oil. If they are mixed together, the body will ingest excessive salt, which is easy to eat often Causes colds, increased blood pressure, and accelerates bone calcium loss.
  2. Water is drained for the first time: Experts say that if you are worried about too much oil in the pasta, you can first soak the pasta with hot water and then pour out the water.
  3. Don’t be too greedy with sauces: the oil and salt in the sauce are very high. If you pour all of them, it will inevitably exceed the standard. Therefore, when eating instant noodles, it is recommended to add up to half of all sauce and powder packs except vegetable packs.
  4. With vegetables: Instant noodles have less protein and vitamins. When you eat, you can add some vegetables, such as spinach, tomatoes, etc., and add eggs or soy products, the nutrition is complete.
  5. Cooking and eating: It has been experimentally found that compared with fresh noodles, the human body is more difficult to digest instant noodles, which is related to the chemicals added to it. Therefore, it is recommended that instant noodles be cooked and eaten as much as possible, and cooked noodles are more likely to absorb moisture and facilitate digestive digestion.

Boil the noodles and cook until ready for use.

Change the water in the pot and boil, add the cooked noodles, and beat the eggs.

Add seasoning bag, sauce bag and serve.

Operation method


Instant noodles are best boiled, you can add some vegetable ingredients to it, and finally add an egg, then the nutrition is more than enough.


When making instant noodles, it is best to pour the soup and add water or other soup.


Do n’t put all the condiments, just add half of them and add some healthier condiments, which will not only have better flavor, but also eat more safely.


Instant noodles are only suitable for emergency. You can eat them at most once a day, but you can’t eat them every day.


People who eat instant noodles often should add 1 to 2 eggs or 2 to 4 cakes per day and eat more fruits to meet their daily nutritional intake.


Although instant noodles have brought great convenience to our lives, we must know that not everyone is suitable for instant noodles. If you have gastrointestinal diseases or malabsorption, it is best not to eat instant noodles.