How to keep a woman after she is 30 years old

When women are 30 to 30 years old, their body functions gradually decline and their metabolism slows down. It starts to gain weight and enters the aging stage. The body is easy to accumulate toxins, affecting skin and body health.

Let’s take a look at the five habits of a 30-year-old woman who keeps her body and face.

Warm lower body
The lower body of the human body has many nerves and blood vessels. The foot is more likened to another heart of the adult body.

If the lower body is kept warm, the blood circulation speed will be accelerated, the face will be ruddy, and the metabolism will be faster, helping to burn fat and detoxification.

The way to keep your lower body warm is to stick to your feet every day.

1, Stick to exercise, don’t let yourself be too fat
Yukio Mishima once said: “There is only one such thing in life. Why don’t you cherish the impermanent body and exercise it?”

Don’t always envy those women who are of good shape, know that good body and healthy body are piled up by sweat.

While eating a good meal, or brushing a mobile phone while lying down on the bed, others are sweating in the gym.

People are self-disciplined, and as long as everyone insists on exercise, God will give a good body.

From now on, let go of the phone, refuse lazy cancer, choose a sport that you like, run a step in the heart, or do yoga.

2, Nutritional diet
Although it is necessary to maintain weight, it is not possible to limit the diet to extreme weight loss, which will make the body lack of nutrition. Rapid weight loss will make the skin slack and aging severe. In addition, the metabolism of the body will be slower, and not only can not become thinner, it will become a fat body.

So you should have a balanced diet at all times.

3, Ample sleep
Not staying up late is the best anti-aging method.

In addition, adequate sleep can promote metabolism and circulation, helping the body to burn fat and detoxification.

When there is insufficient sleep, the body secretes hormones that increase appetite and slow down metabolism, which is not conducive to keeping fit.

4, Drinking water
Drinking water seems to be a trivial matter, in fact it has an excellent effect on slimming and maintaining health.

Drinking water first can promote digestion and relieve constipation, and the effect of thin abdomen is good. In addition, drinking water before meals can also alleviate appetite and prevent excessive consumption.

Drinking water also promotes blood circulation and increases the rate of metabolism. When drinking warm water, it can also increase the temperature of the internal organs and improve the basal metabolism.

No matter what age or what you have experienced, you must form good habits.